Through the summer months we continued to have Merry Mondays as often as there were kids to show up.
This is one of our messier, longer projects.
Paper mache pinatas!

We started with the blow up punch balloons...thank you jason and brianna for helping me blow them all up--16 in all!!  phew!!  Then started adding strips of newspaper to make and outer shell.

While those were drying we came inside out of the wind for lunch.  A few girls were not speaking, so crowding everyone together and making them pass things and use their manners, it was quickly resolved!!

Then it was cutting strips, cutting them and gluing to
the pinata shell!

                                           Lots of color and back outside after lunch!

                             Some of the finished results!!!!  On a recent 'pinata check' most of the kids still have them hanging in their rooms.  One of the boys saved his until his august birthday, filled it with candy and then invited nakiah and tovi joi and brianna and jason over for the big 'bash'.

several sported big sunglasses and happy face smiles!!

Lots of personality!!  This took a few weeks of gatherings to finish up but was well worth the fun and the smiles on the participants!!


bluemuf said...

Catiean, It is so good to see you back. I have you on my Google reader and always check.

Those pinatas are fantastic. I think it's wonderful that you have your merry Mondays.


vivian said...

wonderful!! Your group looks like it has grown!
Oh the jewels you'll have in your crown someday!!

teacupsandpoodles said...

Looks like so much fun! How special!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like they had lots of fun creating their pinatas

Belle said...

What fun! I love how you have changed your blog page around as well. So soothing and comforting to be here Catie.
hUgz, Belle

Anonymous said...

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