A Month In Review

This past month of Merry Mondays have been  very 'merry' and fun.  The kids were so in to making  'stuff' for Halloween so we did just that.

Here the kids are making little pumpkin people.  My 'example'
 is lying on the right here.  I show the kids  what we are going
to make then let them have free rein.  I love what comes out of their
imagination and creativity.

I remember taking an art class to make a greeting card. A woman and her mother presented
it together.  I decided to change mine up a little more to my 'own'.
When the mother came around to check on each project she saw mine and said  "Oh No.
You didn't make it right.  That is not what it is supposed to look like.  Mary we have a problem here."
She motioned her daughter over to my table and they both 'tsk tsk'd' and told me how 'wrong' it was.

When I explained to them that I made it on purpose to be different, they could not be more perplexed.
"But it is SUPPOSED to look just like this one."   The daughter held my card up to the class and said
"Please tell me none of you other women did NOT follow directions and did her own thing."

She promptly made another 'card'  the exact image of the original and gave it to me and said
"I won't charge you for extra materials but if you take a future class with us you HAVE to follow directions 'exactly' or you won't be allowed in any other classes.

You know I did NOT ever attend another 'art' class they held.  This was only a few years ago but I learned a valuable lesson.  True Art comes from one's heart or inner vision.  If you HAVE to make something exactly like someone else's then you are not honoring the creativity or vision within.  That 'art' piece instead is a copy of someone else's  inner vision.
I love it when the kids go their own direction and do what their heart tells them.

Here are a few of the girls and their 'pumpkin person'

It isn't fall or holiday season without homemade caramel apples is it?  Here I am helping some of them
dip their apples into the melted caramel.

No matter what we are decorating .... sprinkles of all shapes and colors are always a favorite!
forget the nuts

These were so yummy.  Here they are 'cooling/hardening'  for the trip home.  The rule was ONE lick before dinner!

Today we are making 'ghosts' out of white fabric scraps and polyfil with ribbon embelllishments.

meet  'ninja' ghost

a 'girly girl's' ghost

Here we are decorating their baked cookies---note the 'icky' colors the girls are mixing for their halloween
fare.   And note the bottles of sprinkles!  They love the baking projects most of all.

some of the finished 'art'.  I used a homemade sugar cookie recipe that was my grandmothers.


vivian said...

You rock girlfriend! Yyou are givng those kinds something extremely priceless!!

Connie said...

Well, I might have told that lady a thing or two, sugar! Who wants a carbon copy of something??? True art comes from your heart and if you want yours to be "different" there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, chick!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments
Wow what a terrible card class that must have been - maybe they only allow robots in their classes.
We all have more fun putting 'ourselves' into our creations. Looks like the kids have been having such a fun time creating so many treasures

Paula said...

How fun! Those candy apples look scrumptious! I bet they loved making those pumpkin people. I just took down my Halloween wreath with the pumpkin people that you made for me. I love that wreath and get so many comments on it!

bluemuf said...

Catie, what fun you have with the children. And, what fun they have with you. I can't believe that those two women would expect you to make the card exactly the way they did. I can see why you never went back.

Hugs Karen

The Rose Room said...

such precious memories you are giving these children not to mention developing their creativity! Most interesting art story about the class you took - lol - strange interpretation of art! Rachaelxo