Okay so this it...... it's official........I am a college student!!  I have not visited this arena in 40 years!!  That number sounds so BIG............The 40th anniversary of my college graduation is the 21st of this month---how ironic.

I am now enrolled in our local community college and my goal is to earn my assoicate degree in Fine Art.
It is something I have wanted to do all my adult life but never thought I had the talent to follow through.
I signed up for three classes and then after registering realized it is for 13 credit hours!!  So much for starting out slow.

John always worries about me and I try to NOT.  I take one class   art appreciation  for one hour four  mornings a week.  Two evenings a week I take fundamentals of drawing and two afternoons I have sculpture.

So I have two days a week that I am at school for quite a few hours for me.  I am going to make it through the day but am sure will be very tired.  It will be a challenge.

I am so thrilled to be exposed to so many different mediums this course has to offer.

My first big day is April 4th!!  WOO HOO

Just taking the english placement test was fun.....I was the oldest in the room by far but the kids talked to me just as much as everyone else around by me. I am so looking forward to interacting with others on a daily basis.

I hope you all have big and little challenges you are looking forward to as well.


vivian said...

Congrats! I bet you'll love it! keep us posted on your projects and assignments!

Belle said...

Decided to stop by your blog and am surprised to read-- you're in school but oh so elated for you my friend. You have been missed greatly and I hope that one day soon we can catch up. Many soft and comfy hUgz...