Our Newest Addition

Our newest member to our household is our little Shelka.  She really belongs to our youngest, Brianna and her family...Jason, Nakiah and Tovi Joi.  In August they relocated from Kodiak, Alaska, to  South America---Ecuador!!   They have a three year committment to teaching in an international school.  Unfortunately they were unable to take Shelka with them at the time.  As it is a very long, frightening flight in cargo and too expensive for us, she is making a temporary home with us.
She will either go with us next summer or with her family if they come to visit then.  
She loves licking on ice cubes and whines when I use the icemaker to fill a cup.  She has to have her own cube!!!
She has quickly wormed her way into our hearts.  She especially gives me joy and companionship when I am home and not feeling up to going out.  Our other babies, callie and mato, the cats  still don't want a thing to do with her.

She has to ride in the car whenever I go somewhere.  I do take her if I am running quick errands.  When we can't take her, she lowers her head and tail and sulks off.  It feels like leaving one of our own kids behind!!

Here you can see the front of the house all decked out for halloween.  Shelka is not a bit afraid of the big spiders...I hate spiders but love these things...go figure.

Okay Nakiah and Tovi---Oma and Opa are taking very very good care of Shelka.  She has taken over the bed at night and watches all the other houses on the street.  Of course she wants to herd the cats and they still won't have any thing to do with her.  But mato and callie will let her get within a foot before they start hissing and swiping at her.


Marie said...

Nice to see you back online Catie! Congrats on the course. I know how difficult it is to go to school in your later years. Looking forward to more posts from you! xxoo

Shell said...

Cutie!! Just sent you an email!