Our Spring/Summer Project

Easter weekend some of our grandkids arrived with their parents in tow. John and I decided to surprise them with a Tuff Shed we bought to be both a 'playhouse' and outdoor workshop for me.

This is how it started out.  The little girls kept running out to watch it's progress.  Our three year old granddaughter asked   "When are you big boys going to be done making this.?"  It was so cute.

It was fun to see what it was going to look like all done.

This was the end result. 


I have two shelves for storing my junk stuff and tools.  On the opposite wall they built in two bunk beds that can later be used for storage.   

  I had them install a dutch door so the kids could close the bottom part and and leave the top open.
Here is Lauryn, cousin Nai'a, sister Sydne, sister  Rylee and cousin Elijah.  They all love this.
The girls wanted to call it the CLUBHOUSE so that is what it is.  I spent a while painting the outside and found some fun things at the thrift store to enhance the outside.

 Here five sisters/cousins: Sydne, Nakiah, Rylee, Lauryn and Tovi Joi are painting the one wall in place( and themselves and the floor  ";).  The final coats were blackboard paint.  We still have the rest of the walls to finish, but all the electrical wiring is done.  Now we will have to finish in the early spring.

We did have two 'girls'  nights' and slept our here this summer.  Lauryn and Rylee decided there were  'three' bunks and and the bottom was the floor.  I made foam mattresses for all three beds and cute pillows.  Will update pictures this next spring on this great project.  Oh  yes--we also are plugged in for cable if I want to have a small tv when working out here.

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