Fairy Garden

This past Saturday, my good friend Joan and I went to a local greenhouse/nursery called the PLANT FARM.  It is one of my very favorite places to go besides the thrifts or antique stores. They were hosting a party to make 'fairy gardens'.
We started with these nice stained wood planter boxes.  We could upgrade to a planter of our own choice but I liked this one and didn't think about bringing a multitude of containers I have around here.

We had a list of goodies to pick from and also a lot of plants----like I said---it is a GREENHOUSE---so we had plenty to pick from.
We put a layer of crushed charcoal in the bottom of the container then added the potting soil.
I put mine together with a gated arbor, a mini birdbath pick, a lantern bird feeder, a pebbled path and a copper wire bench.  There is a mini copper bucket with moss on the bench.  I covered the rest of the dirt with moss after planting all the plants.  When I got home I added a little dolly holding a puppy to the bench.
I sprinkled a few valentine hearts around to note the season.
I looked for foliage with texture and colors.  I was very happy with my little garden and now can put together more for others when I have a mind to.   
Hoping your day is fruitful and full of things that make you smile. 


Fishcake_random said...

That is such a sweet and simple idea! DD would love to make one of those,I feel a project coming on!

Everyday Things said...

what a sweet idea . . . its lovely what you can make with simple things that bring a smile to everyones face!

Lesa said...

I've been working on my terrarium idea, but for some time I've been saving pics of fairy gardens that have been showing up on pinterest and elsewhere. I have some fairies in the garden already and they need a place to stay, don't you think? I love your garden and I know you must be pleased with how it turned out. Where will you display it?

Lesa said...

I forgot something: Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm so glad you enjoyed the little story. I've been reluctant to add much of my writing to my blog. I appreciate, so much, that you took the time to read it and comment.

Tammy said...

Sounds like it was a fun time. Your fairy garden turned out great. We don't have sunshine at all here. In fact, it rained this morning and then a major dust storm blew in. Go figure! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Paula said...

How adorable! I love your little fairy garden. So sweet!

Nell at njschout said...

What fun! That looks like an interesting project!

Something Special said...

Oh thanks for becoming a follower and for the sweet comment you left for me. I love the little Fairy garden. I recently visited the botanical gardens at the University of Michigan and they had so many different little fairy gardens tucked into the gardens of the tropical plants. It was really fun to see that. I am a new follower here3 too!

Cheryl said...

Now that is adorable ~ I think I may have to try that, but thinking my cat may think it is a fancy litter box!
Thanks for stopping by today, Les Mis is one movie I did not see, I am not a Musical type and then when I heard even the dialog was sung, I opted out... I will see it sometime, but just couldn't part with the $$$ to see something I wasn't sure I would enjoy~ Have a wonderful week,

kath001 said...

I LOVE this idea! So whimsical. :)

And to respond to Cheryl: I'm not really a musical fan either, but I LOVED Les Mis.