Around The House and How Make Your Own Chalk Paint

I know many of you have lists of 'to do's inside and outside and I sure do.  Recently I decided to start with the cabinets in my studio.  I scored these at a flea market for $45 and thought it was a great find.
They were originally a very mustardy yellow and they just didn't go in my hot pink studio.
 So I grabbed a can of "kilz" and covered the yellow with one coat.
 I had some hot pink outdoor paint for our little clubhouse/workshop(depending on who is in there---the   grand 'kidlets'  or myself)  so threw that in a plastic tub.
                        It was a little intense, so I toned it down with some white acrylic paint.
                                     I then pulled some plaster of paris out of the cupboard.
                                                I threw a cupful into the paint mixture.
 Gave it a good whisking to get the lumps out........ and VOILA   my own 'chalk paint'
                             I applied it to the cabinets and this is what it looks like now!!
 I had extra paint and also this little  thing I picked up at the Goodwill for $3.  I knew what I wanted to do so painted it a few coats and here it is now..............
I loved the little bottles and knew right away I wanted to turn this into a flower holder and put it on our dining room table.  So here it is with tulips from the garden.  I will be able to put other types of flowers in there from now until winter.
What all are you working  on?


Everyday Things said...

wow clever you, this looks awesome!

lynn cockrell said...

Your cabinets look great. So bright and cheery!