I was so surprised when I received an unexpected package in the mail last week.  I didn't recognize the return address and had no idea who was sending me anything.
So I opened the package and then this box to reveal a pair of very pretty handmade earrings.
 The card inside was from Blue Finch Jewelry  and then I remembered.  A few months ago, I was involved in a "GROW YOUR BLOG HOP"  over at Vicki's site and visited   Rachel's Blog.  She is a jewelry artist and said she would make a pair of earrings for everyone who had stopped by.  I never gave it a second thought.
And now, "VOILA"  I own a very special pair of earrings.  Thank You so much Rachel! It was such a sweet and unexpected gift.  I have been working in the yard and decided to put them on immediately.
I told Rachel it is never inappropriate to look and feel like a Diva, even when you are weeding!
Please go visit Rachel, check out her jewelry and give her a shout out!


Patti said...

I see you have lovely Bluefinch earrings too! Aren't they great? Rachel is a love!

Shirley said...

Hi CatieAn, Your earrings are adorable and she did an awesome job. She makes you smile when you meet someone like that. I know you will enjoy them. Enjoy being outside because we are wet, cold, and had snow this past week. It didn't last long, but this is May. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.