So this month is bringing huge changes in our lives.  This wonderful man right here ...my handsome hubby.... is retiring on the last day of the month.
He has worked at the same hospital as I did, for the past 39 1/2 years.  I was there for 32 years before I had to medically retire.
We decided we deserved a nice gift to ourselves for working hard and being responsible and raising for amazing children to adulthood along the way.
So, we opted for an inground pool!! 
 Last week it all started to come to fruition when these guys showed up out front.
                                                        Big Cat coming down the drive!
                                                          Here it is in our backyard!
                                             Making the first swipe----scraping up the sod first!
                       Digging right up to the deck.  I am glad he knows what he is doing.
                                        Here he is making the first dig in the pool area itself!
                                                                 Making progress!
                     This is the view from the far corner of our yard and the deep end.(8')
This is from the shallow end.  The hole is a little wider than the pool but needs to be in order to place it in the hole and manuever it into place.
John and I had originally thought we were going to buy a relative's lake place and when that fell through we decided a backyard pool would be perfect.
1).  Hello..... a mini lake in our backyard.
2). Walk off the deck and into the pool...so convenient.
3). It will be heated.....making it a longer swimming season than the lake.
4). Ordered the largest fiberglass size they make.....will hold all our kids and kidlets.
5). No mortgage payments.
6). Our kids all live hours away....so the perfect backyard fun. (not to mention the perfect bribe to get the kidlets to visit more often and stay longer----like all the kidlets without their parents--)
7.) I love entertaining.  What's to not like about a poolside Barbecue?
8). It's Paid for.
9). I am limited in other forms of exercise, but swimming is something I LOVE and can do to my heart's content.
10).its all paid for! 
The Pool is supposed to arrive in the next few days!  We can't wait.  John and I sat on the deck and watched the hole for a few hours the night this was all dug.  Can you tell we are excited?



kath001 said...

That IS exciting! We had talked about an in-ground pool. However, the house that daughter and family are attempting to purchases has a pool, and if I use theirs, no pool maintenance. :)

thepaintedapron.com said...

Awesome! You are going to LOVE having a pool, it is my favorite form of exercise in the summer!