Summer Happenings

I can't believe it is already August.  The time has flown by.  The most exciting thing is that our youngest daugher, Brianna, and her family have returned from living in Ecuador!  WOOHOO! 
After spending years away from all of us, they are now residing in the same state! They will actually be living in close proximity to our other three children and their families, on the other side of the state.......  BUT they are only a few hours drive away instead of a day's travel!!
So Oma has been reveling in making up timeI spent with Nakiah and Tovi joi.
                                            They got right down to sewing without hesitation.
We were able to celebrate Momma's Bd.  The grands all know that at Oma and Opa's they are free to be creative and have fun with whatever they want to do.  The girls spent an entire day decorating for the party.
Of course, there is a treasure trove of supplies at hand at any give time.
The girls picked out their own tablecloth, dishes and glassware.  They had so much fun. (so did OMA)
Momma was home the whole day and had to walk by the dining room to get to other rooms in the house.  She was under strict orders to NOT peek in there.  Then the girls had her go out the front door and walk in and be 'surprised.'  How cute is that?
we took advantage of the wonderful hot weather--phew--- and the girls made a fairy garden in my old red wagon.
We spent the Fourth at my brother's annual barbeque and the kids and adults enjoyed their pool.
Nakiah wrote her annual play, Letters To Abigail.
She spent the better part of a week just going through all of Oma's junk to find props, costumes, and making signs.
                                                        She didn't miss anything! 
                             This kept the audience away from the production site!
This walled off the patio area where the cast members could change and wait their turn.
                                 Nakiah and I only had to buy two dresses  The rest we had on hand.
                                                    Nakiah planned all the costumes

At the end of the play, Nakiah gavve all of her cousins and her sister flowers and acknowledged their acting skills!  This is the 3rd annual play and we look forward to next year's  production!!

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