Local Flavor Swap

This past week I took part in a Local Flavor Swap hosted by Beth and Miss Angie @ Chaotic Goddess  Swaps
I happened upon their blog while blog hopping a few weeks earlier and signed up.
I was partnered with Cindy in Indiana and am so happy I was.  She is such a sweet person. 
I opened this card, made by Cindy.  It is done in purples--one of my favorite colors--(not known by her)-- She chose her theme as "country living"since they live in a small farming community in Indiana.

The fabric these jars are on lined the box.  Can you say Home Canned Goodies?

 This is a mini John Deere Tractor and is so adorable.  Our only grandson is 4 and he fell in love with it and had it out hauling pebbles and dirt around the pool!  We agreed to keep it on a shelf in Oma's studio so it is always here to play with when he visits!  That way I can always think of Cindy when I look at it.

 We opened this up for Sunday breakfast when I made homemade blueberry/coconut waffles.  We did share this with our kids and kidlets---all together we number 15.  Everyone 'oohed and aaahed' over it.

 The other hit at the table was this pear butter.  We all had to sample both.  These were made right in Cindy's home state.  John and I will be enjoying these in the weeks to come.  They remind me of my grandmother' and mothers' home canning when I was growing up.

 I forgot to pull these out when we had a Hamburger barbecue on Saturday.  But the kids are coming back over the first weekend in October so we will share them then.  We love pickles and tomato anything so these look pretty darn good!

This bag of root beer candy is one of our favorites and we haven't had any for years.  I hid it away so that after all the company left this morning, we can have it all!!  Sorry kids!

 Cindy included these magazines and brochures of Putnam County--where she lives and the Country Woman magazine.  I have had a few minutes to look through them but will get to read every detail now that the house is quiet and it is just John and I. (sad face). Their area is known for covered bridges and I love the pictures of them. We do not have any around our neck of the woods.

 She also included this sweet Basil and flower seeds and a plant food pack.  I am going to plant the basil indoors and already have a pot.  I want to use it in my cooking.  I will save the other seeds for spring and put them in one of the flower beds to enjoy all summer.
Thank you Cindy for such a fun swap.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and learning about your area. I am most excited about making a new friend in Blogland and learning more about all the men in your life! (she is married with three sons--hee hee).

We seemed to be perfectly matched---we are both nurses, we both love are families so much and neither one of us remembered to take pictures of the swap items we sent to each other.  However I went to her blog and snagged this picture she took of my box sent to her.
I wanted to represent the waters of our state as well as the mountains and our Spokane vicinity.  We are surrounded by lakes and rivers and mountains.  The smoked salmon is found in fresh water rivers in our state as well as the Pacific ocean off our west coast.  The huckleberries grow in the higher elevations all around us and are soooooo yummy.  I sent it in the form of honey.  I then included a few postcards from the area with special memories and facts about where we live.

This was a great swap and so much fun.  You should visit  Chaotic Goddess Swaps for their ongoing Swaps and join right in.  I know I am going back to sign up for more.



Beth W said...

YAY! I'm so glad you two got along and enjoyed each other's packages! :)
Simple Country Living...great theme for Indiana. I love those hard candies, too. And Pear Butter sounds amazing! Lucky! :)
Thanks for joining us for this one (and representing Spokane/Eastern Washington). :)

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the goodies! I had a lot of fun with this swap and getting to know you and your state, thank you!