The Pool Is IN!

So it has been a very long process and three and a half months BUT for the most part, the pool is done.   On July 1st we ordered our fiberglass pool.
It started with a big hole in the back yard.
                        They delivered the pool almost mid august and set it in the ground.
 On Labor Day weekend,  the plumbing and the sides were filled in and it had water in it. All the kids and kidlets were here, so we had a pool party all three days!
                 A few weeks later, they poured the first layer of concrete---wild plum
 A month later, we got the final pouring done.  This was the FOURTH attempt.  Leaks, inspections, failed inspections, repairs and more inspections, then weather played a huge part in the delays.
 This is the finished product!!!  The diving board, ladder and railing at the steps are off for the winter.
 We still have a huge part of our yard left.  Now I want Spring to hurry up!! HA  They still have to attach a salt maker  to make chloride for the pool so we don't have to use chlorine and other chemicals and it also is supposed to be great for skin.  People we have talked to, that have the salt maker, say they don't have to wear goggles either and there is no stinging or red eyes.
We are elated that it is this far.  We have had to stick pretty close to home due to the big open hole/water in the yard due to liability issues.  Now John can start on the fence to enclose the rest of the yard.  The automatic pool cover is an added safety feature and was installed on Friday. No one can open it without the code and animals or people can walk on it without it sinking.
This coming week they are coming back to winterize the pool and put it away for winter! Sigh...I ahve been disappointed we only got to swim in it 4 times but in the spring it will be ready all season long and that is worth looking forward to! 
Next BIG PROJECT is landscaping the yard!  That will be an early spring project, along with finishing the rest of the equipment for the pool.


kath001 said...

So awesome! Congrats.

Chris Flynn said...

OMGoodness... how lovely! My God-daughter is installing the salt maker pool too, and agrees with you about the healthiness for the body. Ah... how many days till spring?

Susan said...

Wow, You've got a lot going on with retirement and the fabulous pool. I wish you joy in both projects.

Art and Sand said...

How wonderful. As a child I prayed that my parents would put in a pool, but my parents were not outdoor play people. We made do at the next door neighbor's pool.

Have fun and wish for a quick winter.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I've heard great things about the salt water systems. Enjoy!!