John's Retirement Party

My wonderful husband, Better Half, Soul Mate, Lover, Best Friend has been retired a month now.
                                            He still 'twitterpates me after 42 years.
         His Dept hosted a Surprise Retirement Party for him last night. Complete with Fireworks!
 He gave a very sincere and humble speech.....my guy........and thanked everyone for being in his life and making his job feel like 'home' and 'family'.

 He met up with past retired co workers......who he joined to start their Cardiovascular Lab @ Deaconess.  Over the years he has helped hundreds of patients with Heart Disease and Open Heart Surgeries. He has touched countless lives in performing his job....and all in that sincere, caring and loving way.  He has supported his family and gave his all.  Thank you
                                                                  John I love you!!


Art and Sand said...

Congratulations to your sweet hubbie.

I have been retired 4 months now and LOVE it. My colleagues also threw me a surprise party and the best party was seeing former colleagues who had transferred or retired. Everyone loves a party like that.

sandy said...

Your husband sounds like a great guy! Congratulations to him on his retirement!

Cindy said...

Congrats on his retirement-love the heart picture!