Grow Your Blog!! Party This Month

This is just to remind everyone that the annual Grow Your Blog Party is coming up later this month.
Vicki over at 2 Bags Full is the beautiful, gracious host for this event.  This is a wonderful way to meet new friends with similar interests.  Please check it out.


Fishcake_random said...

Ohh fab. Thanks for the reminder.
I will pop over now and check it out
X x

Art and Sand said...

I participated the last 2 years, but I am bowing out this year. I am so far behind in replying to comments and there are always so many comments during the blog party. I will visit all the sites of this year's participants even if it takes me weeks.

Thanks for the sweet comments about my little garden house, my walking and my hearts. I am combining my response together because I am exhausted after a day of hotel hunting in downtown Los Angeles. Our son is getting married in July and we were looking for a hotel and for a site for the rehearsal dinner.