Collage Art

Recently I took an online  Collage class with the awesome talented, reknown Lynn Whipple. 
My focal point was Great Aunt Irma.  John's great auntie turned 106 on Sept 5th.  Up until May she was living alone in her own home.  Because of worsening vision, she now lives in a home

 I gathered papers and what nots to collage on to my canvas.
 Then Lynn had us paint over everything but the focal point and parts we wanted to incorporate.

With some added painting, lettering and dot to dots, plus some shading here and there resulted in the final product:

This final picture epitomizes Aunt Irma.  She is and has always been a lady; meticulously coiffed and dressed.
Five foot two, eyes of blue, she ALWAYS wears her high heel shoes.

  Irma grew up on a farm and then lived on a farm all her married life.  You would find her scurrying up a ladder, hoeing her vegetables, hanging out wash, painting the barn, doing her oil paintings wearing her low heeled pumps.  The first time I met her she was on the barn roof helping Uncle Harold repair a leak......in her heels.  I asked her if she shouldn't be wearing tennis shoes or something safer and she gave me a haughty look, pulled herself up tall and said.
"any darn fool can wear those new fangled shoes but it takes someone special to wear your own style."
I never doubted her again.  I know if she could see the finished product she would be tickled pink...her favorite color.


suziqu's thread works said...

I couldn't think of a better way to honour your dear Aunt! What a woman with style! You will always have her memories!

Art and Sand said...

I love your artwork and I think I would love your Aunt Irma.

I hope your nephew is doing okay!

Thanks for dropping by!

kath001 said...

LOVE it!

Jeanne said...

She looks very much like my little mother who died 16 years ago at the age of 93. This type of person is so inspirational! Love your collage.