I Am Back!

I have been not been around for a while and  I have missed everyone.  We spent most of the summer
entertaining family, enjoying our new swimming pool and continued work on our yard.
We had 65 people show up for a family reunion and that was so nice to reconnect with relatives we haven't seen in years.  We will repeat it next year.

This is us and our family.  The only one missing is our son in law, Ryan, who was fishing in Alaska.
We have been able to spend a lot of time with family  all summer and fall. As Life goes there were some health scares and  joyous times as well.  We continue to be shown God's blessings in our lives every day.

Early this fall I dropped and fractured my laptop in many pieces....sighing.
I just got a new fancy laptop with windows 8.1, touch screen last week. (merry Christmas, happy birthday.)  I waited until I could afford a nice one.  I am finding it difficult to learn all the new technology and have been on the  phone with tech support more than a few times.......does this happen to anyone else?

Also, when  you buy a computer these days it no longer comes with Microsoft Word.  You have to buy it separately.  My photo program is no longer compatible and had to buy that as well.
Now my printer is not compatible with the photo program they recommended I buy. So  I have to call tech support once again.  They will know me by my first name before I get this all situated.

I had to have all of my photos and other data taken off the old hard drive and put on my new computer.  For some reason they uploaded my several thousand pictures mutlitple times.  When I got this computer back  it had almost 23,000 photos!!!!!   There were at least 8 copies of each picture!! I had to go through and delete each multiple by hand...one by one.

I am going to take the next few days catching up on all of my favorite blogs and reconnecting with each of you.
Hope you are having nice weather wherever you are.  It is looking like a green Christmas season so far.....temps in the 40's all week.

I can't believe Christmas and my 65th birthday are just a few short weeks away......wow.
Hope everyone is getting into the holiday festivities.  We are keeping very quiet here. John just had rotator cuff surgery repair this past week.  It is his right hand and he will be in a sling for at least six weeks.  His dr said he has to really baby it for the next 4 months due to the tendon damage. That will be very difficult for him.

I hope you are ahead of the Christmas rush.  I am making every gift we will give.  Since we won't be able to go visit all the kids and grands I have to mail all of them. I put myself on a time line and doing ok so far........


Marrianna said...

This is a great family photo. How wonderful for all of you. So sorry about the need for a new computer. I have a MacBook Pro and it has taken me a few years to learn how to use it appropriately. I was a PC person before this Mac and things are a tad different. BTW, I had a hard time finding you in the family photo because NOBODY looks like they are turning 65 this Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

So good to hear you are back to blogging and you have a beautiful family.

kath001 said...

Awesome photo! I hate setting up new computers!

Art and Sand said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday - I remember turning 65 - last year!

One of the reasons that I like Mac computers is that everything is right there for you and it is so easy. But, there is still stuff I don't know how to do on my computer and I have had it for 6 months.

I too am just getting back to blogging and reading. I was just thinking that once Christmas is over I might actually get caught up.

Glad to know you are back.