Project Yard Makeover

This past month we have both been so busy working in our yard.  After we got the pool area done and backyard all redone we started on the front yard.   The past three years I was unable to really work in the yard and flower beds and it got so disgusting.
This is our front yard right out off our front porch.
This is the weeded and barked revision.  The landscaping company we bought our backyard materials from offered us wholesale prices for the rest of the summer.  How could we not take them up on that? (next project is painting the milk cans--john's grandparents-- and the hand molds to the left.)

This is the side of our front yard and is a huge space ......I am sure the neighbors were so tired of looking at our sad weed filled 'garden'. One of them actually was caught spraying weed killer in our garden earlier this spring.

Cleaned up, it is so pretty and we have had so many neighbors come over and compliment us and ask us to redo their yards. Ha! (The only one who has not said a word is the one with the weed killer. He has always been very vocal about our weeds blowing over to his yard across the street.)

                     This is looking directly towards the back yard on the side yard.  A jungle!

               Now we can see back to the fence and the trees and flowers have room to show off.

                    This is the flower bed along the front of the house under the dining room window.

                        Now it invites you into the yard as opposed to staying on the porch.

           This flower bed was in the back yard and the only space left to do over.  Most of our junk resided here.

We enlarged the space, weeded it, added some flowers, then added the fabric and bark to polish it off.
We worked out in the yard every single day between 6 am -12 or 2 pm, depending on the weather.
It has been very hot here----80's-100 for most of the month.  We pushed to get it finished by the end of this month so that we could actually enjoy our yard and pool for the rest of the summer season.
It feels so good to have it all completed.  It was an enormous amount of work but we reaped an enormous amount of beauty. Two of our daughters were here last week to help us lay all the fabric and bark to get it completed.  They helped so much and kept us laughing the whole time.
I hope whatever yard projects you have going on, are keeping you working together and making you smile as much as we are.


kath001 said...

Wow! What a lot of work you all accomplished. It looks beautiful.

Marrianna said...

This is amazing! What a wonderful job you and John and your family completed. I just bet you are enjoying the beauty of it all. I also just read your "about me" page and learned more about you. Don't know why I haven't done that sooner. Better late than never.

Take care,

Teresa Young said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments. Thought I would hop over her and say hi! I love your post on what you have done to your yard. Amazing results! Lots of work was put into all that I am sure.

Art and Sand said...

All of your hard work (I hope YOU didn't over do it) was well worth it. The yard looks wonderful.

Helena White said...

What a transformation! I like the mulch you used. Such a beautiful backyard space.

≈♥♡≈ Helena
─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─

Neena Shilvock said...

wow, you have worked hard - looking good. Hello from the UK via the GYB party

Stella Hammond said...

What a gorgeous looking yard! You really cleaned up well and the makeover result is just stunning. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures! I hope all your future projects be met with equal success! Kudos!

Stella Hammond @ Palm City

kath001 said...

Catie An, I haven't seen your name on my blog list in awhile, and just wanted to pop by and say hello and say I hope all is well with you and yours.


Tamara said...

Hi CatieAn..
What a beautiful make-over. You could be a professional landscaper! :) I am inspired. I live in AZ with a lot of yard and find it overwhelming to work on my yard at times. I will try your approach and take one area at a time! Thank you for sharing.