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It is time for the annual "Where Blogger's Create" Blog Party, sponsored by the lovely Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage.    This is my 3rd year participating and I love visiting the different studios out in blog land.

Pull up a chair and a cup of cold lemonade or iced tea and welcome to my creative space.

My studio is a first floor bedroom.  I look out into the front yard and can see part of our neighborhood when I am working at my large work table.  My sweet hubby built it for a birthday present a few years ago.  It even has a  safety glass work surface.

I have rolling drawers hidden under the table for added storage.  I have a ton of supplies junk.

I love fun cabinets and drawers.  I found this at a garage sale for cheap but it was painted a lime green.
I painted it pink with Annie Sloan chalk paint...red with an added white to get the pink I liked. I just painted the cabinet fronts and the rest is painted black.

                                         On top of this cabinet I have more storage for vintage what nots.

My little 90 yr old neighbor and good friend gave me this green wicker shelf so I have it filled with some special momentos.  She also made me this little gray and blue elephant in a ceramic class.

More cabinets.  I decoupaged the top library cabinet. The bottom one held tools and still has the original tags.  I had planned on painting this black but maybe later this summer/fall.

                                This shelf unit holds books/sketchbooks and jars of stuff.

This is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.  It was my grandmothers.  I want to paint this black.

                                         It holds part of my button collection and many things I hold dear.

This is my bride doll--I actually have two---both Christmas gifts when I was about 7. I also have had the two cupie dolls since youth.

I love mannequins and heads. 

More storage and my favorite rocking chair.  I spend a lot of time in it working on hand projects or my laptop.

                                                The closet affords me more storage above the door

and more storage on many shelves.  I am glad I can hide it all!

This sewing machine is my other grandmother's and still works!  My mom made all of my clothes and hers on this.

This Tv is new.  I used to have a little 12" tv up on one wall by the closet.  Hubby kept removing my shows I wanted recorded to record MORE sports. When he did that with two shows that were not available to see past shows, I got upset.  The second time he went out and bought me this new TV and now I can record my own shows and it doesn't interfere with his sports and old movies!  I usually watch cooking shows and listen to music channels on it.

                        My chandelier is from the house I grew up in. It was over our dining room table.

                                          I love funky containers for all of my junk stash.

                                                                  I love hands and hearts

                                        I also like my tools and art supplies out where I can see them.

                               This is a vintage petticoat and I thought it added flair to my chair. Callie loves it too!
In case you haven't noticed Pink is my favorite color and I like COLOR.  It invigorates me and makes me smile.

I also do stained glass and can't do it up here in this studio because of the toxic lead.  I don't want to drag it around our main living area.

So I set up a work table and space in our basement in the furnace room. It is perfect.  It has a cement floor.

I hope where ever you create it brings you joy.

Please follow this link to visit other creative spaces .  Thank You Karen.

Where Bloggers Create


Bohemian said...

What a Bright and Whimsical Space you have to Create in, I just Love it! And some of your Interesting Collections as well! Thank you for Inviting me into your Creative Space and Sharing every inch of it! Aren't these Blog Sharing Parties such Fun? I shall probably be up half the Night paying everyone a visit and being Inspired and overdosing on all the Eye Candy of other Creative Souls!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

peggy gatto said...

My kind of space, I would never leave, so comfortable and lucky you to have your hubby!!!!

laura Madalene said...

Your room is gorgeous!!!! With the lovely sitting area and tables and beautiful tea set…I could spend all day in there!
Interior Design Idea

Grantham Lynn said...

Great space. Plenty of room to stash and create. I envy you. LOL. My space is a closet. But it works! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Valentine said...

CatieAn, your studio is so fun and whimsical!! You half some awesome junk (I mean stuff)! LOL!!! But my personal favorite are those card catalogs you have. Divine!!! Thank you so much for joining the party and letting us enjoy your space!!


Marrianna said...

Hi again,

I'm not participating in the blog tour this year and am so glad to see that you are doing it so well. OMG, I have that same bride doll but I found her at a thrift store several years ago. Please, when you have time, tell me the year it was given to you. That way, I'll know how old she is. She's got a slightly torn veil, and something else that isn't perfect. But she sure is pretty.

Thank you for sharing your studio with me.

Karen Garrard said...

Ooh aah I love all the drawers in your wonderful space. Lovely metal 3 tier stand too, oh and the skeleton thrown in for good luck. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a fun creative space, CatieAn! I love pink, too, but just have it as an accent color in my space. I've stayed with neutrals because my room is so small and I have no natural light. I love that work space in front of the window. It looks like a nice size and I love that you have that natural light.

Maureen Hayes said...

What a fun room. I love that you have some many things from your youth or growing up, that must be nice. I noticed the sock monkeys because I love them myself! Thanks so much for the peek Into your creative space!

Maureen said...

Oh your file cabinets are awesome! I just love them... and Callie too. What a sweetie; isn't it nice to have company when creating? She looks quite comfy in there!

Thank you for the tour - how great to have such a nice room with a wonderful view!

Carmen said...

Pink + Dolls = Yes!!! I love your happy, colorful studio. :-)

Rita Barakat said...

How fun!!! I too have hung a little curtain in an area- mostly to hide the awkward items that don't really fit anywhere else! Love the bold pink!

Janet Greer said...

What a great inspiring space to create in. Color makes me smile too so I love color around me. I am gleaning lots of storage ideas from your space and hope to incorporate some of them in my space. Thanks for inviting us in. I am Janet from Graceful Rose.

Tammy...ClothandPatina said...

Your space is so full of whimsy and inspiration! It made me smile while browsing through all of your pictures!

Diana Seal said...

What a great space CatieAn! Love your bolt colors and the cute pink cabinet. My worktable is right in front of a window to, just love sitting there and looking out/daydreaming!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Art and Sand said...


You have so much going on and so much to inspire you.

Love your space!

Vicki Boster said...

CatieAn-- your room is a true treasure trove of loveliness!! I love the pink cabinets and that pink chair!! I could walk around here for hours just admiring all of your beautiful vignettes and treasures!! I love your pretty calico kitty-- we have one also-- she's my best girl!

Sherry said...

I work for a library and have for years and was just saying to a coworker today that I should find some card catalogs to add to my sewing room. After seeing yours I am going to start looking. Thanks for sharing your cheerful space full of fun treasures.

Helena White said...

Wonderful Whimsy and welcoming...oh my! Lol! Love your colourful space!

≈♥♡≈ Helena
─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─