When Is A Door Not a Door?

So you all know we have been busy in the yard.  I love to repurpose junk "found objects'.
(John says it isn't fair when you have to hunt them down to be called 'FOUND").
Last summer I painted two old doors that were part of our house since it was built back in the 50's and added planter boxes and loved them.
This year I wanted to add to my 'door' collection and whet my artist's soul as well as camouflage the car lot that went in next door after 40 years of garden and families there. (sighing big time).
The fence and landscaping will help but the arbor vitae will take a few years to grow together.
 I found these doors when I put out an ad for old doors on Freecycle.org.  We thought we were getting three but came home with four....SCORE.  Of course they were brown wood and grungy so I painted them with Krylon enamel.....like the outdoor furniture in the previous post.

                                  I bought a variety of plants and pots and made baskets to hang
                         Went through more junk found objects and started attaching those on the doors.

                    I had fun picking out my own flower combinations as well as the junk stuff.

      This was part of a railing we had no use for so I had John turn it sideways and added pots.

One just never knows what you will find in the junk pile!
For some reason we have a large assortment of horse/oxen yoke harnesses but we love them.
I love the bright colors and the flowers.  John was skeptical at first but always loves the end product.
He is so sweet when I say   "Hey I have an idea........." He might roll his eyes when I am not looking but he is always my 'go to guy'.
Here is to 'bright ideas' in your neck of the woods.


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I love what you have done. I would have never thought about doing it. Now I am going to kick myself. We put new inside doors in a few years ago, 12 that is. What I could have done with them.

Lydia Pudel said...

These doors look great;)
Thank you so much for your comment!
Love & hugs

Karen said...

What a transformation! These are fantastic!

chateau chic said...

What a cute idea. I really like the green door with the window panes. Very creative use of all your treasures.
Mary Alice

Ida said...

Well that is just a very fun, creative and clever idea.

Ida said...
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Art and Sand said...

The only old doors I have seen were $800 - for one. Someone just suggested that I try the Habitat for Humanity store.

I absolutely LOVE your fence of doors.

Bohemian said...

I'm absolutely in LOVE with your Door Garden Art Wall!!! Especially the Green and the Pink ones! I too have a 'Thing' for Old Doors, been Collecting them and Door Hoarding for Years... can one ever have too many? I think not! *smiles* Thanks for the Inspiration and Eye Candy.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian