Missing Blogland

We have been back from Hawaii and visiting our kids in Seattle for a month now.  John and I had such a special time in my parents Condo.  The first week was grieving them gone, especially Mom so recent.  But the time we spent made me feel so close to both of them.   We really needed the time to regroup as a couple and renew our health, especially me. I have been diagnosed with yet  another auto immune disease and have been dealing with all that comes with that.

 We enjoyed such beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  It rained all of three days in the 31 we were there.

                        The foliage was so pretty though not as many blooms as in mid winter.

 Beautiful scenery was in abundance.  God has truly blessed us with such a beautiful world.

When we arrived in Kona,  we found out that the following week they were hosting the  annual
World Ironman competition for over 2500 world athletes. The medical team was full so we volunteered to help at the finish line for three hours then finished at the medal/tshirt table.

             We didn't want to spend all of our time selfishly and felt like giving back to others.                    

 I was so humbled by the athletes we met and helped.  Men and women of all ages.  They had to place first in their age groups anywhere in the world to qualify for Hawaii.

The men and women in the age brackets 60 -84 (the oldest) were the most inspiring. They swam 2.4 miles, biked 119 miles and ran 26.4 miles.  They prove every day that any one can do anything they set their minds to.

Healing from grief is a slow process.  But God put so many wonderful people in our lives we were blessed beyond measure.

We decided to take  a boat trip to where the lava from Volcano Kileauea was flowing into the ocean.
(We were drenched with ocean water minutes into the ride. So much for blow drying my hair and I love this picture of my sweetie.)

That had to be the most amazing natural wonder we have ever experienced.  It took our breaths away.
We were actually about 15 feet from it a lot of the time.

I am busy putting Christmas decorations up, wrapping gifts, back with my weekly art kids here and some days are very difficult.  I sometimes seem to just be spinning my wheels but every day is another day of healing and another day to remember my roots and my parents.  I am determined to find the miracles in this holiday season and wish the same for all of you.


Jeanie said...

Catie, I got your nice email and will reply separately soon. Meanwhile, I'm grateful you had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place during your grief journey. I can imagine there was much that was healing -- certainly great beauty and natural wonders. That grief journey is a long one with ups and downs -- do what you can for the holiday, no more, no less. Know when to say, "I need to stop now." And you will go forward.

I'm so glad to see you back on blog. Sending cyber hugs across the continents.

Marrianna said...

Oh, Catie, your trip sounds wonderful. Loved all your beautiful photos. That volcano photo was fantastic. I bet it was stunning.
Merry Christmas

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Thank you for your email. You certainly don't need to apologize for not responding or visiting. You've had a lot going on and taking care of yourself throughout all this is certainly the most important thing you can do. Glad to hear that in spite of your grief, you did find some time for joy and wonder. I'm totally inspired by anyone who can do an Ironman Challenge. I've been such a couch potato lately. And that lava running into the ocean is amazing! May you have a blessed holiday season.

Art and Sand said...

Hawaii is always a good idea. We've never been to Kona, but we've been to Kauai for Christmas several times.

Have a Happy Christmas.