Winter is Here

Like many of you across the nation, we are having a real winter.  Here in the northwest the past few winters have been very balmy with little snow pack and later drought seasons.

We not only had a white Christmas but the snow is continuing.  This week we are enduring sub zero temps with high wind chills. -5 to -15 degrees. These Quail live in our yard.  There are actually 5 of them but they don't always eat at the same time.  I have seen two perched higher up watching for prey.

I have been concerned about my little feathered and furry tailed friends so keep them supplied with food.  Here is a wood pecker who seems to have found a snack.

I watched these squirrels all summer along with my Mom.  They have become a symbol of some sort.
I smile whenever I see them in the yard.


This one is Rosie....named by Mom.  Her and her companions have it all figured out how to get to the bird feeder for those black oil sun flower seeds when their dish is empty.

                                 They always hold their little paws to their chests.

My Dear Heart has been out shoveling every time it snows, even  though he has a big snow blower. He says it is easier to shovel when it is only a few inches at a time. He faithfully shovels all the elderly neighbors' walks/drives so they can get to their mail boxes.

                      I always leave my solar chandelier out as it is chained in place.

              I was looking forward to the NEW Year........"this will be a better year.'
I have spent the past 7 days in bed with a horrible sinus infection/laryngitis.  I am watching the world from inside where it is warm and snuggly and am reminded LIFE HAPPENS.....good and bad and everything in between.

Waiting for something in the future to make life better or easier or happier is futile.  You have to make your LIFE TODAY while it is unfolding before you.

I know that you can never hug enough, love someone enough or tell those you love, "I love you." enough.   You need to take advantage of the smallest opportunity to be the most you can be and to love with all your heart.


Art and Sand said...

Well, I am sorry about the illness and I wish you well soon.

I am glad you are having a winter. We haven't had winter in years and it's good. We're having at least 1 day of rain each week - it's already started today. And, I'm getting lots of projects done while I stay warm and cozy inside.

Have a great 2017

Sheila said...

Wishing you happy, quick healing. Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us. How fun to have so many critters to keep you company :)
To a better 2017!

Quinn said...

I hope you are feeling better! That's a long time to feel under the weather.
Thanks for your comment on Comptonia - I see what you mean about the squirrels. My little troupe of acrobats will sit on a feeder and stare at me through the window if they feel the service is too slow. They don't actually knock on the windows but my chickens will tap on the sliding glass door with their beaks. It's kind of startling - sounds just like a person knocking!

Jeanie said...

I'm confused. I thought you lived in Australia and isn't their winter backwards? Or maybe not... I'd better pick up a geography and a weather book!

I love the photos but I'm so awfully sorry to hear you are battling sinus infections. In the been-there-done-that camp, I feel your pain. Or have. NO FUN!

Oh, and I almost forgot -- thanks for coming by the Gypsy and leaving such great comments. Your visits mean a lot -- all the more so when you are under the weather!

Shirley said...

Hi Catie An, Life does happen and we never know what will happen tomorrow. We just live every day we are given. Hubby has been dealing with an upper respiratory infection for over two months and they don't really want to give him anything to make it go away. I still feel they need to give him an antibiotic even though he is in hospice. We had snow yesterday and single digits today. I stayed home. I have enjoyed catching up with you and thank you for your visit. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley.

Dorthe said...

Hello Catie An,
and thank you for your lovely visit to my blog.
What a beautiful blog you have here, such amazing photos from your nature. I wish you a wonderful 2017, hoping you will, soon, be all well.
Greetings from Dorthe

Marrianna said...

Hi Catie An,
We got 12" of snow on Christmas Eve but not much more since then. A little here and there. Two days ago, we had very light rain which was wonderful to melt some of the snow. I have a neighbor man like your husband: he makes sure my driveway is cleared once the snow stops. I generally ask him to shovel the walkway to my front porch, and the front porch, for FedEx and UPS and USPS deliveries. I absolutely love the solar chandelier. Wish I had one for my front porch. We get lots of wind at certain times of the year and I like to listen to glass chimes.

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I totally get the 7 day sinus infection. Mine have been short lived but still show up, like this morning. So, nose dripping and headache, I'm signing off. Happy New Year.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Those squirrels sure are determined! I love the snowy weather - and your snowy scenes are so pretty! I hope your sinus infection improves soon!