Joy is prayer - Joy is strength - Joy is love - Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
Mother Teresa

For the past several years I have friends and fellow bloggers who choose a word to focus on for  their New Year.  I have always resisted as I have never done well when it comes to making or keeping resolutions for the upcoming year. 

Is it because I make resolutions that are too daunting and impossible to stick with or is it because I just don't hold a lot of credence to the action itself?   I don't know. This year I  am joining in and choose JOY.

I bought this JOY sign at the local Salvation Army Thrift store a few years ago for a mere $5.00 with my senior discount.  
It has been displayed prominently in the front of our house every Christmas season. Every day it is up it reinforces how  choosing Joy is a choice.

   This year due to lots of snow and sub zero temps our Carolers are partially buried in the frozen ground so won't be put away until it warms up and the ground thaws a bit.
So our JOY sign remains as well.  I know the lights and the lighted decorations bring Joy to my dear heart as well and he still turns the lights on faithfully every evening as it grows dark. He doesn't have to say a word as his actions speak instead

Long after the sign comes down it will till remain in my heart.  It will give me the strength to choose to feel Joy even in the midst of difficulty. Even as I write this my heart sings.

I pray you find Joy in your day from the smallest to the largest moments.


Jeanie said...

Catie, I can think of no word better for you this year than joy. It's long awaited, well deserved.

Are you with the snow? Sounds grim up there!

Art and Sand said...

Finding joy in little things is a great way to go through life.

I wish you JOY with your word in this new year.

Marrianna said...

Perfect word! Perfect joy! This is going to be an easy one to remember for 2017. I don't have a word this year and I always forget them anyway. But I have the intention of being more mindful in my spending and in my speech. I have a tendency to ask too many questions which frustrates others. I also think out loud which then brings on questions from others that come across as criticism. I'll need to ask why some of the questions are being asked and maybe I'm wrong. But I can tell when my questions frustrate another person, especially someone close to me.

Happy 2017,