Creative Handicap Railing

Some of you know that I have a medical conditon called RSD or CRPS. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is a neurologic disorder that causes constant pain and some physical limitations.

After our House fire and the rebuilding, we put in a jacuzzi bath tub that I LOVE. It really helps calm things down and gets me going a little easier. We elected to put in a handicap railing so I could get myself in and out of the tub when I am home alone.

I have always had a mental thing about it being so WHITE and GLARING. I am sure i am the only one it bothers but that is okay.

Recently the little girls were taking a bath and I was looking at it and lamenting about it being so white and ugly. So I went into my studio, got some paper I knew i had stashed and my MOD PODGE and i decoupaged the darn thing. The girls stood in the tub and helped me.

I then decided it had to have a hint of humor so I pulled out my letters and glued on a message. " Help Yourself" 911

It is very pretty now and makes me smile.

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