NEW DECK TABLE............woohoo

Two years ago we took down part of our old wood fence that separated the front yard from the back.

John wanted to junk them and I begged him not to. They have been neatly stacked in one area of the yard waiting for me to do something with them.

A few weeks ago I got energetic and had Brianna drag one section into the back yard for me. She even sanded down some of the roughtest parts of the planks.

I then nailed the section of fence to an old bench of John's auntie's with large fence nails and voila----I had myself a coffee table height table for the deck.

I then took some green print and pink print papers and tore them randomly and glues them down on the table willy nilly. Originally I had planned on decoupaging the entire table top but we all decided we liked some of the wood showing through.

I love it. I have added four coats of varathane and want to add as many more. The table is a perfect height. I have wicker chairs and a settee that fit around it nicely so it can be used as a 'deck coffee' table or for a meal.

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