Dolls Around The House

Good Morning Everyone!! The house is very quiet and I am sipping on green tea. I drink it for health reasons otherwise it wouldn't be my first choice. ";

I thought I would show you a few of my new dolls today. I collect vintage linens and fabric and whatnots. I have promised myself I have to use up most of my 'stash' before I go out and buy, cajole, trade, or steal any more. With the kids living with us, i have had to 'cramp up' a bit for storage.

This first one is an angel that I made out of John's great auntie Cleo's tablecloth. It was smoke damaged in the house fire but i kept it for sentimental reasons. I dressed her in a vintage pillowcase---also Auntie Cleo's. I attached wings and a halo made from vintage christmas beads strung on wire. They were already broken on their string. I picked up the entire bag at the thrift store for $.99!

I found some velvet ribbon on one side and gold paper on the other. It was in a bag and had been cut into strips and rolled up. I undid as many as I needed for her hair. Her face is just
micron ink pens.

I attached the doll to a small vintage rose trellis that originally was dark green. I spray painted it black. Her Hearts are made out of felt and cross stitched. The verse says "Rejoice in the Lord Always." She is about 3 ft high and hangs on the wall in our dining room.

She is also embellished with an embroidered linen doily and a cross I was given on my first medical trip to Guatemala in 1985.
I used large black vintage buttons at her shoulders. I also added vintage lace to her sleeves.

This Raggedy Annie was made from an old cutter quilt. I used lace doilies for her underskirt as well as her collar. She sits in the kitchen with the red and white enamel ware. The girls love to drag her around.

This last one I call Sprout. She hangs in the front entranceway. I love the sunflower fabric.
I used solid green cotton for her arms and legs and then did a light acrylic green wash over her face until I liked the look. After she dried I used micron pens for her features.
I embellished her with a lace doilie underskirt as well as a linen doilie collar. I had a crocheted vintage doilie with flowers and leaves so cut those up to embellish around her face and on one foot. I thought it made her look more like a garden sprite.
Right now I have three different doll bodies sewn and stuffed, tea stained or partially painted and that is my goal for the next few days....to finish those. I will post the results!!!!!!
keep smiling


ZanyMayd said...


Love the Doll... I think her wings out of the beads is so pretty.... If you get a chance stop by, I have my very 1st giveaway going on....

ZanyMayd said...

Your name is in the Drawing.... Good Luck