Swaps Lift Me Up!!!

Happy after Thanksgiving to everyone! Recently I was in a mini paper doll swap with Karen from Bluemuf's Corner,
Rachael from the Rose Room and Liz from Lizzie.
this one is made by Rachael and is made out of fabric, part of a vintage linen and beads and a vintage button. it is sooo pretty. You can tell she has been making them a while. Thank You Rachael.
Liz made her paper doll dress out of all fabric as well with a cute kitty print, kitty cat buttons and a variety of ruffles and lace bead trim. So adorable. Thank You Liz and thank you for noticing I love my cats!!
karen sent this cute little fan as well and liz added the decorated clothespin magnet for me. both so darling.
Karen sent me this sweet 50's style dress in pink gingham check paper and lace and tiny bead trim. She does amazingly precise work as well.
all of the dresses were backed with vintage sheet music or vintage print paper. I loved trading with all of you sweet hearts!! You will have to click on their sites to see what I sent them. Once again I sent mine off without taking pictures of any kind. I will get better at that!!! Hope all of you lovely ladies are busy with exciting new projects. Check out their sites to see!!!!


Amy said...

Those are so cute!

The Rose Room said...

Hi Caitie, I am happy to see you again! Have been wondering how you are doing? Mum and I really enjoyed creating the dresses for you and Karen:) And we loved what you sent us:) Take Care - Rachael - xo

Paula said...

Those doll dresses are amazing! Do you have the paper dolls to wear them?