Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap Continues!

I am still participating in the holiday sister swap with paula from
on a rainy night. It has been so much FUN and of course I have made another wonderful friend. The month of november we were supposed to send a 'holiday' garland and some christmas gift tags. I actually took some pics this time.

Paula is so creative and talented. She hand drew these gift tags for me and I want to keep all of them but they are going on the gifts for our sweet grand daughters.

The biggest surprise was her garland------vintage tinsel and vintage thanksgiving postcards with ribbons!!!! This blew me away. I opened the box and could not believe it!!! I was saying Oh MY GOSH all day long!!!

Here it hangs on our fireplace in the dining room. It got so many 'oohs and aaahs' at THanksgiving. So thank you Paula for your creative generosity and contribution to our Thanksgiving day with Family and friends.

I hung it up the first thing and the reason I was "oh my goshing' so much was that I made a VINTAGE POSTCARD Garland for her as well!!! John came home that night and said "oh you made another one honey. I like it." I said NOOOOO that was what Paula sent ME. Isn't that the coolest thing? We hadn't talked about them or anything. In fact I was doing a christmas themed garland for her when I was working on my Christmas cards. I always make them with my old vintage post cards.
I thought hmmmmm why not use up my vintage thanksgiving cards instead for a garland. and there you have it. She collects turkeys and I happened to have most of them with turkeys on them.
I was so thrilled about the 'coincidence' I had to call her and tell her how we are so much alike or intuition was working in warp drive!
We had a wonderful phone conversation. She is terrific and I am so glad I called you Paula!!!

Isnt this a sweet loaf dish? It was another gift. I made up the pumpkin bread loaf as an appetizer and served it with cream cheese-------yummy.
a thanksgiving themed pot holder and do I need new ones! She also sent a leaf cookie cutter and some ornamental corn to help my table decorations. Paula thank you so very much. We have one more swap the month of december and I am still working on her birthday gift!!!

The following are things I sent in Paula's box: Isn't this the funniest turkey hat? I found it at the 50% OFF CARD SHOP and just had to get it!
I wanted one for here but it was the only one they had....darn.

And this is the garland I sent to her on vintage tinsel garland and embellished with 'stuff'. I thrifted this turkey and thought she was adorable!
and also thrifted this turkey sugar bowl or jam pot I can't remember.

I had thrifted two other turkey items as well but put them away and couldn't find them!!!! You know those 'safe keeping places' that are so safe even you can't find them? HA!!!!!! The salvation army was having a ten cent turkey day!!!!! So you know what I bought!!!!

I am working on Paula's december swap box but am wearing a hat so there is no esp going on here!!!! I still think it is the best thing and have to tell everyone about it. About 20 people heard the story over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Paula has also just become a 'retired from the work force to open a home day care MOM' to enjoy her job a lot more with lots of hugs and kisses for and from her little 'puddle ducks'.


Paula said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words! I love all that you sent me and am so glad that you enjoyed yours. I told that story a million times also. I haven't yet taken down my garland that you made me, I just can't bear to yet! I'm working on and thinking about your Christmas box and Birthday preso as well. Now get that hat off so I can see what your thinking....

The Rose Room said...

That is so funny you made each other garlands. I really love all that Turkey stuff, I love turkey, to eat but now looking at him in a decorating way . . .

barbara burkard said...

such a sweet garland! times two!

big hugz

bluemuf said...

It is so neat that each of you made garlands for each other. The are both wonderful and I love all the other items as well.

Hugs Karen

black eyed susans kitchen said...

What wonderful swaps! That turkey hat is hysterical! Susan

Heidi said...

Both garlands are precious and that hat his hysterical. That was nice of you to add so much to her turkey collection!

Liz said...

I haven't visited for some time, because I have moved house.
So cool to read about your garlands, and Thanksgiving - I wish we celebrated that in new Zealand.
I am so glad that you liked your `kitty dress' -I loved yours and have my little collection of swaps hanging on my computer work station.
Hugs from N.Z.

The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, I have given you an award, check out my blog to see:)