Trouble For Tigger!!!!!!!!

okay this is me on halloween night..... At five oclock I got into this outfit with much difficulty...it has a zipper that is only part way down the back to the back of the head. When the neighbor brought her grandkids over I had her zip me up.. The trick or treaters loved it and all had something to say. I was having such a fun evening.
Meanwhile John was stuck doing late cases at the hospital and kept calling to say he was going to be still later. That was fine. But about 8:30 I realized I reallllllllly had to peeeeeeee! I could NOT get to the zipper! My lack of mobility in my arms would not allow me to unzip the zipper far enough to get it down no matter what I tried to do.
One of our neighbor boys is now married with 5 children and he usually comes by with the kids so I thought i would just have them un zip me no problem.
Well wouldnt you know it---------------------------------- the first halloween they have missed in years would be tonite!!! At nine I realized no one had been to the door in about an hour and all the neighbors had their lights out. MY oh MY made me want to go even more because I couldnt!!!!!!

My daughter 5 hours way called me about then and I told her the dilemma I was in. SHe laughed and said well guess you will have to get a pair of scissors out Mom. We really laughed over that.

I kept thinking John would arrive any minute. By ten I was really uncomfortable thinking back to all the liquids I had had that evening.
I told myself if he wasnt home by 10:15 I would get in the car and drive up to my moms who lives a few miles away and have her unzip me!!!
At five after ten I heard John pull in the driveway and was so relieved.

When he didnt come in the door I went out to the porch and I said :
WHERE ARE you??????????????????
He came around the corner of the house and said "I am putting the garbage cans out."
NOOOOOO come in here quick YOu have to come in right NOW HURRY

John set the can down ran in and was so frantic What what? Did something happen? are you all right? he was so upset.

I said honey please unzip me quick I have to pee so bad!!!!

He laughed so hard but only after he unzipped me!!! He kept teasing me all night and the next day he told everyone at work and they all thought it was hilarious.

The moral of the story is to make sure you always have someone with you when you are going to be 'tigger'!!!!
I hope everyone had a great halloween week


black eyed susans kitchen said...

CatieAn, You look absolutely adorable!!! Who thought that you'd make such a fine tigger. I love that you are in the Halloween spirit. Hope it was a good one. Susan

Dolly said...

Catie you look soooo cute!

I loved the story.....
I am still laughing!
Too funny!
That would be something that would happen to me, except hubby would laugh and I'd pee my pants!

Have a great evening!
Hugz, Dolly

Paula said...

Oh, Catie, that's hysterical!! Sounds like something that would happen around this crazy house...
You crack me up! (and you look extremely cute in your Tigger costume)

The Rose Room said...

oh that is funny!!!! and you make such a cute tigger, maybe you could velcro a cat flap into your suit for next year:))))

bluemuf said...

You look so sweet in your costume. I can feel for you, I would having been dancing all over the place. Loved the story.

Hugs Karen

Heidi said...

Hilarious story!

Amy said...

lmao that is so funny, I can just imagine the whole scenario. You did well to hold on for that long lol

Marie said...

Oh my! I can so relate to that! Nothing worse than having to go badly, yet having to wait! Pure Torture! You were an adorable Tigger though, so I spose it was worth it!

barbara burkard said...

oh my goodness!!!! that is sooo funny! next year i happen to have a pooh costume with a smooth exit heehee...my daughter wore it for a school project...it had to do with applying for a job and looking "different" (kind of an equal opportunity thing) and she came up with applying for jobs looking like pooh...she went to blockbuster video...(now she had to video tape the event...a friend helped her out) and she pointed out that since she was a celebrity she ought to get a job there...lol...she was asked to leave...she did point out and ask why "her" videos were on the bottome shelf and dora was on top...lol...then the manager came out and apologized and offered her a pooh poster...hee hee...she also applied at mcdonalds and after being turned down...she asked if she could have some honey anyway...they said it would cost 10 cents each...she said she didn't have pockets for money..and another customer gave her a dollar to buy ten..heehee...let me know if you need the costume...lol

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Too adorable!

lollysnestegg said...

Hi, Catie! Hope you are doing well! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!