Sweet GOODness Swap

Sweet Goodness Swaps is hosting a swap between swap 'sisters' that started this month and continues through Christmas. I forgot to take pictures of my halloween swap to Paula but you can see it at her site. Paula of On a rainy nite made this wool bag with all the great appliques hand stitched on it. I use it when I go to physical therapy and put a magazine or my latest book in it. She also sent me some pretty halloween fabric, a black bat candy dish that is full of sweet treats, some cute scrapbooking halloween items that i made a card with and two bags of candy!!! My favorites: licorice and caramel goodies. The weekend we got this package we had company so the candy disappeared quite fast but was so yummy!
Our next swap is a holiday garland and gift tags. PSSST i will tell you a secret but dont tell paula I am working on those as well as finishing up her birthday gift for her oct birthday!!! that is a bcllgoekofoetewtkksgiiinppdse but don't let her know that!!!!!


The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, that bag is so cute! I checked out what you sent Paula and love the wreath. Take Care - Rachael :)

Heidi said...

Love that bag!

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hey Catie!!!
I love that bag, you lucky gal, you got great treats this halloween.

Paula said...

Hi Catie,
So glad you like the bag. I'm popping your November package in the mail today so that you get it before you leave~
Cheers to you!

bluemuf said...

Catie, Love the bag and I went out to Paula's site. The wreat is fantastic.

Hugs Karen