New Kid On The Block!

meet the newest addition to the family!
I left t0 run errands on monday and saw a car parked by the driveway.
I thought it might be workman's comp scoping me out but they didn't follow me so I forgot about it. The road ends at our driveway.
I got home a few hours later ..................and huddled in a sleeping pile in the middle of the lawn.............. were five little kittens!!! soooo adorable. I should have taken a picture of them.

I took them to the pet store and begged them to take them as I knew john would die if we got stuck with FIVE cats. They didn't want to take them but one guy decided to see if they would eat food and use the litter box.

After an anxious few minutes he said it was fine...BUT they only had room for four of them and that was pushing it. I thought okay one is better than FIVE right?

So I asked if there were any girls. They said nope.................. boy boy boy boy................ oops girl.
I called sydne bean our 4 yr old grand daughter to let her have the honor of naming her. She said "Oma you now have a new daughter---a kitty daughter."
Recently she has been naming and renaming her dolls and toys Anna.
her mommy was perplexed as they don't know any Annas.
She asked Sydne "Honey who's Anna?'
"That's her mommy. You know the one we sing about in church.
whose anna whose anna."
When we asked her to sing the song for us she said," I can only sing about Anna. I don't know the other kids' names."
Isn't that precious? I love all the little stories and things they all tell us.
Of course the new kitty's name is ANNA.
My baby Callie is so mad at us. She even bit me when I went to pet her one morning.
Anna is glued to me every minute I am still. Callie continues to hiss and growl at her but last night she was actually chasing her around in play.
Two minutes later she was growling again, but that is progress.
John is such a honey bear around the kitten. He was so relieved when I told him we only had to keep one.----------smiling here.
I now have another little 'baby' to watch over and keep me company when I am here alone.
I have become such a pet advocate for anyone who is alone or ill. They bring companionship and comfort as well as giving one something to focus on.
If you know anyone who is alone or chronically ill consider getting them a small pet to love. It could add so much to their lives.
When I was still working as a nurse, we had pet therapy for the kids.
No matter how ill the kids were, they wanted those dogs to be next to them. Some were too ill to do anything but lay in bed, but even when the dog was lying next to them, they would pet them and smile.
I think the nurses looked forward to them coming as much as the kids and parents did.
Just having one of my 'babies' sleeping on or near me makes any kind of day that much better.
I hope you all have special pets in your lives, no matter how they arrive.


Alison Gibbs said...

What a cute little kitten.

bluemuf said...

Oh my, she is so adorable.


The Rose Room said...

Dear Catie, she is a doll! A Anna Doll! Bless you for saving her:) Hope Callie comes round soon:) Take Care - Rachaelxo

Molly said...

She is so cute. I hope all is going well. Keep in touch! If your looking for another swap check out Home is Where your heart is, on my blog. It is a holiday swap and should be a blast. Take Care!

Amy said...

awww what a sweetie! I'm a sucker for small animals and my daughter is the same :-)

Marie said...

Aww Catie, what a lovely surprise! May you and Anna enjoy a long and loving association with each other!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Nothing better than a new pretty kitty. I think you will both be very happy!!!!
Blessings to you!

The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, I have given you an award:)

lollysnestegg said...

Catie - what an absolutely adorable little sweetheart! How is Callie adjusting these days? Honestly, there is nothing cuter than a kitten!! Hope you are having good days!