I have been given this award:" You Make Me Smile" from Rachael at the rose room. Is that not COOL? It certainly made me smile! Thank you Rachael. The rules are to nominate ten wonderful friends that make me smile. So I have nominated the following special blogger friends who have always made me smile:
1. Mica @ Garboodles Soup
2. Molly @ Craft Happy Women
3. Lolly @Lollys Nest Egg
4. Sonia @ ccraftscollectibles
5. Cheryl @zanymad
6. Heidi @ the spiritual knitter
7. Susan @ Black eyed susan's kitchen
8. Paula @ on a rainy night
9. Anne @ reloves projects
10. Dolly @ mycherryheart
consider yourself 'awarded'


Paula said...

Thank you, Catie! What a nice award, thanks for passing it on.

Alison Gibbs said...

Catie it was fun reading your 7 things from the tag. Wow you can still twirl your batons - way to go.

susan at black eyed susans kitchen said...

Thank you for this lovely award...please check out my blog as soon as you can. The hat arrived and woderful is not enough to be said..I love it!! Susan