I have been TAGGED!

Rachael from the rose room so nicely tagged me while I was out of town and I don't want to ignore her! I am supposed to list 7 things about myself that are random and weird and so devastatingly interesting--------------
so here goes.

1. One of my favorite stories is that I "saw' John twice before I ever met him in person. The first time was at a movie. Six of us girls went to see Romeo and Juliet--we were all in Nursing school then.---- In walks 6 guys all together and dressed in black suits and ties. They sat two rows in front of us. Of course at intermission we all went out to flirt with them. No one asked any of us out. We told each other the story on a date and realized we were there together!!
a few months later in the dorm, a roommate got a phone call while she was in the bathtub. I answered for her and it was John telling her he was picking her up the next night for hamburgers. I asked who he was as she was engaged to somene else. She said we have been neighbors and friend s all of our lives.
the next night a few of us were leaving the dorm when john came to pick michelle up. We all said hi and left.

Over a year later I was at a night club and met John through another 'mutual' friend ..........................and it was true love. 36 yrs later it STILL is!

2.Once on a medical trip to Guatemala, we were in a small village hospital. We were using their surgery rooms for cleft lip and palate repairs and burn contracture releases. I was taking a break and walking around outside the recovery/surgery area and right next door was a lady crying. Her feet were up in stirrups and no one was in the room.
She was actually hemorrhaging into a bucket. her baby was in a basket near her crying away.
I talked to her to calm her down and then went and got one of our surgeons who was taking a break. He came in to examine her and ended up cauterizing a bleeder and then packed her uterus. I stayed with her and got to hold her baby--she was so scared and it was her third baby.
Later that evening we were still there working and a nurse from the ob unit came to ask for "ANNA" The mother asked me my two names and they called us all by our middle names.
They took me to visit the momma and her family-- parents,, husband, children, sisters etc. Then they named the baby after me! Her first name was gabriella after her mother then Anna catalina after me!
I was so humbled and touched. The father handed gabriella anna catalina to me and then gestured around the entire group of family and said. "We honor you by giving our daughter your name. You saved her mother, my wife, their daughter and sister. We will always remember you and tell the story so when ANNA grows up she will tell the story to her children."
I can't tell you how emotional that was for me. I cried and thanked them with all my heart to honor me in such a way. Anna would now wbe 22 years old!!

3.Whenever I am very stressed or have increased pain levels I have to tear my studio apart and reorganize everything. John also notices that I have an increased appetite for junk food at these times.

4. i AM a swapoholic, garage sale aholic, thrift store aholic. It has been four days since my last "fix."

5. I LOVE kids. so does John. We have neighbor kids and our kids' friends that have grown up and started their own families and they still come to visit. Neighbor kids siblings come now. I love visiting with them and we always have treats on hand. One teenager comes once every few weeks to visit and eats dinner with us.

6. I love color and funky decorating. I want our home to reflect 'us' and not every other house that is built like this. We have a very funky bathroom with glass hands and vintage medical signs

7. I was a majorette in jr high and high school and recently my mother gave me one of my old batons. I can STILL twirl them and throw then in the air and catch them in all different positions! WOO HOO What I cannot Do is fit into my old high school uniform!! At football games I twirled fire batons every year til I graduated. I actually fried my hair a few times.
ta da there you are 7 most fascintating and interesting facts about ME.

I waited so long to answer and post I am going to not pass this on but it was fun thinking about things I could talk about!!! thanks Rose!!!!



Heidi said...

OK, that Guatemala story made me tear up too. Don't you wish you could find her and meet her as an adult?

bluemuf said...

Oh Catie, what a lovely post. I really enjoyed a little glimpse into your life.

Hugs Karen

The Rose Room said...

Loved your Guatemala story. That's so beautiful. Also loved the contents of the book swap you recieved. Your partner was so thoughtful. Take Care - Rachael -xo

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi there
I just had to comment on your post. Your "birth" story was great! And I enjoyed learning a bit more about you, too. Big blessings to you!!

Marie said...

Loved reading these things about you Catie. You sure have led a productive and interesting life! God bless you!