Halloween GOODIES

Hi Everyone! I hope it is a fun halloween week for all. I have been keeping a low profile the last few weeks. I would be terribly remiss if I didn't pay tribute to my two new 'swap sisters.' the first is my halloween hat from Susan at Blackeyed Susan's Kitchen. Susan made this wonderful hat for me. "Izzie" has been wearing it out in the family room for the Halloween season.
Susan also made this darling little notebook that fits perfectly into my purse. I have been using it almost every day to jot notes, grocery lists whatever. Susan also sent a huge bag of candy corn and of course that disappeared soon after!!! Thank you so much Susan. I love my goodies and getting to know you!!!


Paula said...

Cute hat! and that notebook is adorable. Gives me idea's for next year...

bluemuf said...

Hi Catie,

Great Hat and I love the little notebook.

Hugs Karen