I particiapted in the ga ga garland swap and my partner was Valerie from vmjess. I was pondering what to decorate with or what to make to put a garland or decorations up on the mirror in our family room. Both John and I batted around a few ideas. THEN the mail arrived a few days later and my garland was here from Valerie. It is absolutely perfect! She covered J O Y letters ,edged them with silver ribbon and then collaged special words on each one with decorations of ribbon old buttons and fabric flowers. They hang from a green garland bough.
here it is hanging on my mirror. It is a perfect fit. Every time I look at it I am reminded of the message: Jesus Others You. It serves to keep me focused on what is really important this holiday season!
Valerie also sent me this darling gingerbread and vintage christmas stickers and tags. Thank you Valerie. This will always be a special part of our holiday decorating

The last swap is the vintage stocking swap and I was the recipient of
This beautiful stocking is from Jane at There was a crooked road. Jane lives down under and they are celebrating christmas in the midst of their summer! I am trying to imagine christmas without snow and cold!!
Jane did an amazing job on this beautiful stocking! The colors are muted turquoise, lavendar, plum, creme and so pretty. It is expertly sewn and lined. here you can see the details of an applique tree and jewel and some
glitter. the inside is lavendar and outside deep plum or purple velvet.
The pictures don't do it justice. Jane included some ornaments that are lost on the tree somewhere and I didn't take a picture of them and some yummy candy!
We lost all of our stockings in our house fire------------somehow john's showed up in the stuff they salvaged. His mom made it when he was born so it is pretty old-------. I have been slowing redoing all of the kids and grand kids. Our kids were theirs since birth as well and did not show up. Mine was the last on the list of course and still not made. So this will be mine now every christmas and I will always think of Jane when putting it out.
IN fact both Jane and Valerie will always be thought of fondly when decorating the house for the holidays from now on. I have received many compliments on both items since I have them displayed.
Thank you both for adding to our holiday stories and bringing part of you and yours to our house for Christmas


Marie said...

What wonderful goodies you received in your swaps! I think I love the gingerbread man the most, but then again, I am very partial to gingerbread men!

The Rose Room said...

Oh, so meant to be, the garland I mean, and the stocking is just beautiful as well:)