John and I don't go out to dinner a lot but we love breakfast.  So we are going to try to find little 'mom and pop' eateries  around town.
This past week we took Dad (his) out to breakfast.  We are trying to keep him occupied and get him out of the house since Mom's recent death.

This diner has been at this location since 1949--It is not very big space wise but makes up for any wait time with extra fast service, abundant servings and tasty food.
The menu cover has been the same as well   I Love the vintage look.

this is the front of the diner  which is actually one big room behind this entrance area

The walls are covered in wood an the plate railings are full of vintage photos, paintings and plates.

I was entranced with this old podium.  It is so beautiful in person.

this is the front 'bar' area where people sit on stools

The outside of the diner.  It sits on a corner and is surrounded by houses.
How fun to walk here for coffee or breakfast whenever you want.

This is Johns choice....chicken fried steak with gravy----I used to 'tsk tsk' about this but it is  his choice and he loves it.  The over easy eggs are perfect and john said the gravy was delicious

Dad opted for ham steak  which was 'just right' and not salty.  He loves his eggs scrambled.

My choice--a vegetarian omelet that included sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, onions
and green peppers  SO MUCH FOOD

SO this is what I boxed up for home

                                          John and Dad--My two most favorite guys!!! (for some reason it is blurry)

Maybe there is a diner or restaraunt out there that you have wanted to try.  There is no time like the present.


vivian said...

Love old diners theres not to many really old ones left. looks like you found a winner!
have a great week!

Dawn said...

that is a quality diner, I love it, as you say so vintage - the size of the meals....!!!!
glad you had a great time with your 2 bestest guys xxxx

barbara burkard said...

yummmmmmeeeeeee.....love the mom and pop places that have gone by the wayside...such a fun time...so happy to share the journey!