Last month I entered an art swap through the group alteredart.
There were 14 of us from everywhere!!  These are the ornaments
I received.

This is the ornament I sent.  I took a small plastic type heart then accordian pleated vintage wallpaper strips around it.  The pink  ribbon draping was spontaneous and I had this vintage looking jewelry and small sprays of white beads.  I cut out dictionary definitions from an old dictionary. I had no real plan when I sat down but knew I wanted it to look victorian

This gorgeous heart was crafted by ANGIE It is flat and the picture of the couple is perfect to depict romance. the ribbon trim really adds flair.
You can jump over to her site to catch sight of her other work

This paper heart is made with some sort of gluing process and  covered with a sheer tulle  and holds in the definition and love and hearts
then machine stitched in a circular motion.   It is made by SANDEE   she explains in detail the process

this is made by martha and is another gorgeous heart done with fabric paper and sewing and stuffed!

Tamara  made this lovely.  It is so old fashioned and the ribbon skirt is too sweet. Even my little girls loved her.
This beauty was made by Theresa--it is covered in wonderful fabric.  She put our names in the rusted heart down below the tag.

This pretty hand felted bird was done by the lovely mija
it is a  perfect valentine tree topper. 
this dear valentine reminds me of the era I grew up in
where you usually got candy AND roses or else!!!!
This was made by PEGGY.

This bookmark is so pretty.  It was painted in a painstaking process and it has my favorite thing--  Hearts on it. Made by CHERI
SANNA made this little beauty.   She started out as a beaded napkin ring.
She sculpted the hands holding the heart.

This altered domino was made by the clever DAWN.
I love the color pink so it is perfect!
This little valentine jar was made by Barb our swap leader and the 'brainchild' of this swap!
the jar has gold confetti in the bottom and a dangling heart from the cork stopper.
she sculpted the face.

This  Dolly Dingle cutie  was made by Heather
she is so adorable   stitched and beribboned. She has a dangling silver heart.

Paula made this pretty  from a baggage tag!! I love all the different fabrics/ribbons and the rusty heart and other embellishments.

I have them displalyed on my white feather tree.  Next week it will move into a special spot in my studio.

Thank you everyone for your goodness.  These pretties definitely made me smile and my heart a lot lighter.


Dawn said...

Love how you displayed all the goodies - doesn't it just make you smile to see all these wonderful creations xx

vivian said...

HI Catie! love all your ornies! I did a swap with Martha too and have one of these wonderful hearts she made!
have a blessed day!

Connie said...

Those are all lovelly, honey! Just adorable.

barbara burkard said...

they are all so pretty displayed like a gallery of love...

hugz to all

Angie Hall Haviland said...

So Pretty!! THANKS again for your LOVELY Ornament!! Was such a FUN swap :O)

sandee said...

Oh so lovely! I trhink I need to take a photo of my display and post it as well!

BTW...I'm linking you to my blog...

Paula said...

What a beautiful display ... thanks for athe kind words about this fun and beautiful swap.

peggy gatto said...

What fun! Thank you for the perfect pictures!!!
I had fun looking around your wonderful blog!!

martha brown said...

You took great pictures! I'm just going to send everyone to your blog to see them :)

Neky White said...

hi catie!! thanks for visit my blog! You have very pretty things here =D