Today's activity was ASSEMBLAGE ART.  I am known for walking with my head down, scouring the ground or haunting thrift stores for ''found objects' to be reused in my art or for the kids.  

They were all excited to do this project.  I surprise them every week with something different and always try to make it interesting so they want to return.
I brought out  some of my containers of 'stuff'.  The only rule was to use one doll head.(I was lucky to get a large jarful at a garage sale for a nickel a head---wooohooooo!)
The rest of their body had to be composed of other 'objects'.  I  also had a jar of plastic arms
they could use.  They were not to copy anyone else but to use their imagination when diving into the 'stuff'.

The jar of doll heads, wire cutters etc

I love to see their creativity 'unfold'

Mikey is almost 4 and is my little "bud"  he comes with his big sister when his momma is at work.
He picked out the parts he wanted to use and his sissy helped him glue them together.  He was so proud of himself!!  He was done an hour before anyone else.

This one is on a stick and wrapped in lace.

This one was mounted on a stick and inserted into a bejeweled candle holder and adorned with fabric
and lace.

Mikey's big sis---did a great job using different 'stuff'

C here is usually the slowest one--today she made two 'dolls'
one starring in a horror movie on the left and the one on the right is talking to her boyfriend
smiling here

                                                       another cute use of 'stuff'
I didn't get all the pictures taken..........a lot of the girls were leaving while I was helping some still attach parts. 
I am always worn out after they leave so try to have leftovers for dinner.....  Or something in the crockpot.

I sincerely hope each of you has a child in your life who loves to create art in any form.


vivian said...

Catie! what a great idea! they all turned out wonderfully. Kids have the best imaginations. They must adore you.

peggy gatto said...

Seeing the smiling faces and the adorable dolls made my day!!!!
fun post!!!!!

Dawn said...

What a fulfilling day you had with the kids, they created fantastic dolls - wonderful xxxx

Cheryl said...

What a great gift your giving these children... one being your time, the other an open door to be creative!
*big appreciative hug!*

kath001 said...

What a great way to get their creative juices going!

And thanks for your comment on fourmilesnorthofnowhere. It made me think back, and I don't think I had the fear until I started driving.