Birdcage Lamp

Since I am not in school, I have made it a priority to work on stalled projects as well as new ones.
I bought this great wire birdcage a few years back, with every intention, of making it into a hanging lamp.  You know that story and how it goes.  But I did finish it.

I had to use what supplies on hand and that was not a problem at all.  I took strands of pearl beads and tied them on with thread.

Then I got in my stash of red plastic hearts ( found at a garage sale for cheap). I cut out words from magazines and decoupaged those on front and hanged them with colored ribbon.  I also added a row of bead trim.
I used lace and red bead garlands for the  middle brackets.  I then went through my stash of crystals and beads to make the hanging bead garlands.  I have to admit I did buy the red heart beads. This was initally intended for hanging over the bathtub, but it turned out it was an accident waiting to happen.  It was way too long!! 

Insert a light and hanging chain and VOILA  it graces a corner in our family room.  John and I love it and that is all that matters. Two of our granddaughters loved putting their dolls or animals in this birdhouse and carrying them around and were a little sad about its new use.

When Lauryn saw it she said,  "I want one JUST LIKE YOURS for my room."  She will be here next weekend so we will make one together.  I have a green birdcage that isn't as elaborate, but it will work fine.

Hope your days are full of finishing new and old projects.

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Kathleen Wilson said...

I love this! My neighbor has a small antique store and a bird cage like that sat on his porch. I stopped to price it, way to expensive for me so I'll keep looking. I want to redo one and hang it over my art table in my studio. Thanks for sharing.