Thanksgiving Blessings

Tornado Tuesdays  are very busy but very fun.  I always try to have the kids make projects for the upcoming holidays when we are in a Holiday month.
I had some leftover Thanksgiving decor from last year and pulled those out.

 I went out and cut branches for each child.  Then they divided up the goodies and wrote things they were thankful for.

 The kids are all friends or relatives of each other.  We have meshed into this big family with love and support...and yes....some minor spats carried over from the playground or the neighborhood.  The latter are quickly squashed.  The kids helped make their own rules.  No gossiping, no tattling, and they have to remember their manners.  If not Oma steps in and gently reminds them.

 I am thankful for their presence in my life. They all bring their own smiles and hugs and so much joy......and yes......even frustration at times.  I have learned each child's strengths and weaknesses and how to teach them each in the way they are able to learn.  I love hearing about their day and their dreams and what makes them happy and even unhappy.  When someone is sad, others rally around in support and empathy.  When someone shares something exciting that is celebrated as well.

      It is sweet to see that we all have the same blessings in family and friends, food and shelter, and
making special memories to look back on years to come.
 Two days before Thanksgiving, we had our annual  pie baking afternoon.  I opted for premade crust, due to the time constraints and there is only one of me!!  Ten pies were made in all and this helper was too busy to take a lot of pictures.
 fluting the edges  is fun.............
Taking turns with my small mixer worked well.

Peeling apples is a chore....I helped peel and cut apples for 6 pies.  Five others made pumpkin cream pies.......yum.
i have been reflecting on just how many blessings I have in my life and am forever grateful.
Hope your blessings are very abundant.


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!!! It was a pleasant surprise to see a comment from you!!!! It's nice to see you back blogging!! I do it whenever I get a chance or wild hair haha

Looks like your crafty thanksgiving Tuesday was super fun!!! I hope you had a blessed thanksgiving! I am getting rady for christmas!!! I'm having my first christmas party super excited!!! Well have a nice night hugs

Toodles- Sarah

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

You and John are such a blessing to these kids as well as they are a blessing in your life. They will always remember the time and love you gave them. I wish more people were like you two.
Sending hugs your way,
Dolly's Cherry Heart

P.S. thank u for visiting, you always make me smile.

Kai said...

You are a treasure, sweet girl! You truly are! Not only to your own family & hubby, but to the lives of these beautiful children AND to us - your friends. I mean that! And in years to come - waaaaaay down the line - there will be the great grandchildren of THESE children you are teaching & loving who will be better people because their grandparents had the good fortune to have YOU in their lives. As I said, you are a TREASURE! XXXOOO!

vicki said...

Catie -- How precious is this story -- love seeing those smiling faces!

I have just loaded your beautiful blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party - so you are all set! The date is January 19 -- so I cant wait to see you there!


Joan said...

How special are all these children and how blessed they are to have such happy times making special memories for them.