We Have SNOW

On Tuesday of this past week, our weather was drizzly in the early morning and then turned into a balmy 62 degree  by early afternoon.

This rose bush, among others, has been loving this unusally mild weather.

I bought it at a local nursery and it's called 'California Dreaming.'
Granddaughter Lauryn picked this one out for the rose garden we just started.

Even the dandelions have been in full bloom in the yard!!!

Here the roses are more wilty....and this is our bird hotel.
It has sat under a big fir tree for the last two summers.  This year our friend Aaron
constructed the pole platform with John's help.  Another friend helped as well.  I can't wait until spring to see if the birds like it as much as we do!!!


It started snowing lightly on Thursday night and a little Friday.  So we only have about an inch in our area.  Other areas have a little more.  I am sad to see the flowers gone now.  It was an extra treat to have them blooming as long as they did.  As much as I like the warmer weather, I love the different seasons.  Snow always brings  on the Christmas sentiment.  So  off to do some projects.
Hope your seasons are changing as well.


Kai said...

Hello, you SWEETY!!! I received your blog comment & tho' I'm being veeeeery cautious about how much I do besides editing on this quickly fading computer, I just HAD to come over & say hello! I've missed YOU! But I refuse to lose touch with you again! BIG HUGS! (Expect lots more in the months to come after I get a new computer)

Leslie said...

Love that bird hotel!