A lot of you know that I flew to the east coast last week to stay a month with our youngest daughter and her family. I am in upstate New york and it is absolutely beautiful here. The weather is very warm for Oct and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Mommy is doing her internship this month for her masters and daddy is working so Oma gets the girls all to herself!! I am 'homeschooling' almost 7 yr old nakiah and 3 yr old Tovi Joi has been telling every one that she is 6 since her birthday in APril!!
She likes to 'play school' as well

This first week has gone rather fast but it has been so full and fun. Mommy and Daddy help cleanup after dinner and put the girls to bed with their bedtime stories etc and Oma gets the rest of the night to herself for rest and relaxation.

I will never tire of 'Oma you are the best Oma in the big town" or those beautiful little hugs. I have to laugh every time I hear the 'big town' because it is a little village.

Several blocks away a new deli/restaurant/bakery/coffee shop opened.

The girls and I have taken a 'recess break' for a treat and a walk and friday we had lunch here. I LOVE it ....this is definitely ME. Brianna told me on the phone when it opened that she thought of me when she walked in. I love old stuff like this.

The deli/bakery section

Old advertising signs
an orginal phone booth that was here from a previous store started in the late 1800's.
Hot chocolate..................... sinful looking huh?
Oma this muffin has bootiful sprinkles and is so nummy
part of the seating area
front counter....... all old original wood cabinets/counters/display cases
candy section
I have been here three times for a latte and since brianna has school off tomorrow we just may have to walk down for breakfast.


Queenly Things said...

That looks like a vacation to me, what a terrific place. I would be there everyday and with such delightful companions it's like going on a date!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation and some fabulous time with all of your girls!

Paula said...

What a sweet old-fashioned shop. No wonder you've been there a couple of times already. How fun! Your little grandbabies are just beautiful. So glad your getting to spend some time with them. Enjoy that New England fall!

vivian said...

hi Catie! what a wonderful place! its so nice that you can go and spend such great quality time with you beautiful grandchildren! They are lucky to have you for their OMA!

Lolly said...

hope you are having a great time with the family!


Marie said...

As you can guess I am playing catch up here this morning Catie!!! Looks like you are having a fab time with your family! What a lovely store! I have enjoyed the picstures so very much! You make me homesick for North America though!

Dawn Supina said...

I was just checking out your blog doing my OWOH rounds...
Don't you just love going to those kind of historical places? I noticed in one of your photos, the Red & White Food Stores sign ~ we used to have one in our town when I was a kid ~ haven't seen them for a long, long time.

Here in Edmonton, Alberta, we have Fort Edmonton Historical Park which is always a lot of fun to visit and "walk through history."
~ Dawn.