halloween swap doll and stuff about me

I was in vivonawhim's doll swap for the halloween Ball and this is who I made for
carla at carlafinley. I deided to use the hands feet and head made from ceramic. I found these at a thrift store in a box for $2. I have two more sets.
I had a set of short miniature pumpkin lights and she lights up when you plug here in.
Barbara at 123lavenderlollipoplane tagged me for random things about me.
I think there is not a lot left to know about me but I will go for it.
The rules are to name 7 things I like and then name 7 others to post on their blog.
1.). my nickname john dubbed me with when we were first dating is
2). my nickname through school was 'hatrack' (last name hattenburg)
or 'stretch' because i was tall and skinny. much taller than the boys at that age except for a few.
3). I love to cook and bake
4). I love to sew.
5). I love tweety bird I always wear a gold tweety necklace john got me years ago for valentine's day.(i got a small tweety tattoo when I turned 50).
6). I am NOT much of a chocolate person. Give me good and plentys any
7.) I am embarassed with compliments
Okay 7 others I am tagging:
1) paula
2) viv
4). connie
6). karen
I am off to do my laundry and pack my suitcase. I fly home tomorrow.


vivian said...

hi Catie! finally headed home huh! I bet youre looking forward to getting there! i cant wait for you to see your doll from carla!
ok.. I'll do the 7 things about me my next post!
have a safe trip!

barbara burkard said...

such a sweet dollie!!! now while i LOVE my dark chocolate..GIVE ME GOOD N PLENTY'S ANY DAY!!! i had a nickname of FINGERNAILS in highschool...could paint whole scenes on my fingernails..changed them everyday...

Marie said...

I hope you have a safe journey home Catie! I love your cute Halloween Doll!!! She's adorable. I especially love the lights! How ingenious!!! Well done you!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Catie, I am sooo glad that you had such a good time on my side of the country :) I am having a giveaway that is right up your alley. Susan

Kai said...

Hi, Catie! You lil' traveler, you! I love the doll! Clever AND cute! And it was fun reading the 7 facts about you! Hey! I got a feather tattoo as a Christmas gift to myself when I was 53. Be safe, and REST a bit when you get home!

Queenly Things said...

I love your doll - the lights are so perfectly placed. She is a stunner.
I'll see how random I can be - give me a day or two.

Sugar Bear said...

Fun facts - esp. the Tweety ones!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Catie thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you had a fun holiday