A few weeks ago I was driving to the grocery store and saw this sign for an estate sale. How could I NOT GO JUST TO LOOK right? No harm in that...........ummm never..............sure.

Actually it was about ten blocks away and the driveway was uphill---took a few minutes to think about walking up that baby with my cane.....once up I would have to come down as well.....both hard for me...........
Several people were walking away with small boxes or even large pictures bedding etc......all smiling................alright................a very good sign.

Up the hill I trudged feeling wonderful fun things calling out to me.
"Hurry come get me before someone else does. "

I was offered free lemonade or iced tea ...so nice ...and did the 'slow scan and walking from table to table.............of course chatting with the homeowners. "Moving?" No actually cleaning out closets and drawers and getting rid of stuff we never use."
I see................... .
u looking for anything in particular ma'am?
Well some times I don't know that I am looking for something until it calls my name but always looking for vintage craft supplies/jewelry
"FINALLy" popped up one daughter......I bet you want grannie's two boxes!"
I was led to two small carboard boxes crammed with craft looking stuff. How much ...of course is the leading question.
$20 each .......this is the last day and we cut the price in half .
They even carried the boxes to the car for me chatting as they
No one in the family really makes stuff unless it is fishing flys."

So off I went to the store hoping I had something worth that kind of money in there.
I got home later and did the HAPPy dance and this is what I found:

bottles of gems including opals and probable birthstones.

like these including individual rhinestones of all sizes in GLASS bottles.
more gemstones and beads some very vintage looking.

these pretty colored drop glass beads with holes in the top

vintage trims as well as large colored glass prisms
even more beads and stones and trims
all these pearl necklaces and bracelets
even more vintage trim how did it all fit in one small box?

glass bottles of tacks and nails and clips and little necessities in a studio
more and more trims
interesting paper trims
more vintage beads and old pins hat pins etc
vintage doll parts lots and lots for assemblage art!!! woo hoo

jewelry findings
a vintage box of rings some with set stones a lot more without
vintage mercury glass beads unstrung perfect
more trim in this box
and enought rhinestone jewelry to 'bathe' in...............well almost!!
Lucky Lucky me!!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Yeah for grannie's boxes!!! I can't believe you got ALL of that for $20. Certainly a jackpot!

teacupsandpoodles said...

You hit the jackpot! It was your lucky day! You are going to be a busy girl using all those pretties!
Mary Ann

vivian said...

JACKPOT!! I never find the bargains! I think its partly because i dont enjoy digging through the other stuff! but tomorrow I'm goign to the flea markt ready to dig! I'm bound and determined to find some sort of treasure! OH!! saw your wonderful doll! You rock catie ann! thanks for joining yet another one of my swaps! I will be doing the 2nd annual snowman ornament swap again in november! (in case your interested!)

Connie said...

But wasn't it sooooooo worth the walk up?!?! Hey, chickee, you made a score there! Wooooooeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Estate sales or any large organized sale is the best. My wife can't get out to a garage or yard sale so she shops at a free online garage sale.

Good Luck

Queenly Things said...

Will we be sending a truck to bring you and all your treasures back home?

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

whooeee! What goodies!!

Marie said...

What a wonderful find Catie!!! You really lucked in there!