We have been busy all week with two of our grand daughters. Nakiah is 5 and her sister Tovi Joi is 2 on Earth Day!

We decided to make cookies last night. This recipe is an oldie from the 60's and courtesy of http://www.writemamawrite.typepad.com/. I love this blog

mixing it together

co-operative effort


cutting out the cookie dough

the final product!


Mama said...

But did they work?! Were they yummy? The consensus around here is that they were quick, easy & yummy! Your granddaughters are so cute and I'm sure they're having lots of fun with Oma. I'm so glad you wrote and I'll have fun checking in with you. Way to go with the blog. I never thought anyone would ever see mine, and a couple months later you stopped by! It's amazing how this all works. Have a wonderful weekend with the family.

Twinkle Pink said...

Well first of all a big welcome to Blogland from me all the way in England - the magic of technology!

I love the posts you have created so far - I really like the idea with the lampshade and I love the fact that the table has so much history - my first thought with reference to the old bullet hole was - did the sherrif get his man or vice versa? Well we will never know, the info is planted firmly in the past somewhere.

Looks like your grandchildren have had a fine old time.... yum

Thank you for visiting my blog I love new visitors and will visit by you regularly to see what else you have been up to.

best wishes Ginny