Okay let's be real here. I see everyone posting pictures of beautiful spring blossoms as a sure sign of Spring.

Here at OUR house, these dandelions are the sure sign that spring has arrived!!!
Forget the fat red breasted robins hopping about pulling up big fat juicy worms. These suckers are blooming 'amok' all over the yard and flower beds. I don't have to do anything to make them multiply--they reproduce in the blink of an eye, laughing the entire time!

I was positive yesterday there were only three yellow heads in the back yard. This morning there must be 3 ZILLION!

I know. I know. I forget their true worth. I had handfuls of these 'pitty flowers mommy for you" through the years and proudly displayed them in small glasses all over the house. Now grand daughters are bringing them in to share their beauty with me.

I remember as a child my brothers and I, or my friends would pick the small yellow heads and hold them up under each other's chin's. If a yellow 'shadow' appeared then you "liked butter or mustard" If not, then you didn't like either. I used to hold great store in that undeniable 'truth.'

How many fuzzy seed heads did you pick, make a wish, then blow into the air to see them float lazily across the yard---hopefully to land in the neighbor's lawn and not yours?

And what about the dandelion necklaces and bracelets we made picking the stems and tying the ends together? The finest 'jewelery' of childhood.

My parents had a friend that made dandelion wine every year. As regular as clock work, they received a fifth of that wine every Christmas.

I don't remember seeing them ever drink it. I just remember it being pink and I was disappointed it wasn't yellow.

So cheers to the 'dandelion' the true harbinger of spring!

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