The Hand Has IT

A few years ago I found two large porcelain hand molds from Germany that I love.
One is here in my studio and one in the bathroom to hold our hand towel.

In my search on ebay to find more I came across someone selling these glove molds that are a bit different. I was sure I could 'give them as gifts' or collage on them.

This was a gift and I used found stuff from my stash. This was for a friend who is the Wish Coordinator for Wishing Star Foundation. (www.wishingstarfoundation.org)

Another gift. I love the contrast of the red hearts with the white. I am also a collector of hearts and use them often in my crafts.

This is my very favorite so far. I collaged papers over this one then added other embellishments. It brightens up a shelf in one area of the bathroom.


cathyp314 said...

cute use of the hand

Holly said...

I love the hand! It reminds me of Laverne and Shirley, the opening where they placed the glove over the bottle on the assembly line. Showing my age, I know.

catieann said...

Hi Holly

well I rememebr that opening scene as well so you are in very good company!

Please leave your blogsite so i can hop on over and say Howdy