Sitting Quietly Remembering........

Tonite when we tucked the girls into bed, I said "Tomorrow Mommy and Daddy will be here!" Five yr old Nakiah did a few bounces on the bed with Yah's and squeals of excitement. Two yr old Tovi Joi thought I meant they were here now. She jumped out of bed and ran down the hall calling "Mama Mama" going as fast as her little legs could take her. She was devastated when she realized they were not here. Tomorrow is not a concept most 2 yr olds understand.

She snuggled in my neck and cried her heart out for "Mama". It broke my heart. They have been so good and well behaved for Oma and Opa all week. They haven't missed their "Mama" until tonite. Oh my dear heart! This one in particular looks exactly like her mommy at the same age, complete with the flair for the dramatic.

That little soft skin pressed into my 'not so soft' skin brought back a flood of memories of four little ones that called me 'mama' and wanted only me or 'dada'for comfort for 'boo boo's' and broken hearts until they were much older.

Those years were gone in a flash. I remember them like yesterday. Today they are adults---wonderful, loving, caring adults with babes of their own crying for 'mama'
or 'dada' to kiss away their small hurts.

What utter joy it is to watch the evolution of love and procreation. To witness the growth of your own children and then the bonus special of their children is so delicious!

It's like the BlUE LIGHT SPECIAL at K MART. Oma and Opa get to be an important part of their lives on such a different level.

We loved and cherished our children and every new thing they said or did---at least until the teen yrs and some things 'said' were better left 'unsaid."

But now we get to relive those same awe filled moments with even a sweeter flavor.
WE were so busy 'working and making a life for our family' and 'taking care of all we needed to' we didn't get to sit back and savor as much as we do now.

Thank You God for giving us this wonderful chance to experience such precious moments
all over again.

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Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

My Mom says the same thing about my children. She always tells me that someday I will understand what being a Grandma is like. I often feel guilty because days turn into months and it seems as if the "to do" list is never done. I often have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these moments with my children.

Thanks for sharing your sweet post! Heather