More of the Kitchen

This is one of my favorite new lights. We originally put all store bought light fixtures in every room. The house just didn't have enough of us in it. I saw something like this one in a decorating catalog. I took an old lamp shade and removed the shade part. I wrapped all the metal with torn strips from and old tattered cutter quilt. I bought reproduction vintage handkerchiefs at a nearby shop. I folded them in half and attached them to the shade base. I hung tea cups from both our grandmothers by different colored ribbon. I still have to wrap quilt around the long cord that hangs from the ceiling. I would be happy to share the directions with anyone who may be interested.

this is an antique letter sorter bought from a post office in a small town(vantage) in washington. The finish is pretty much off and the dividers were missing. I use it to show off my grandmother's salt and pepper shakers and a few small memorabilia.

this is the end of the kitchen where john's grandmother's old oak table is. It was taken out of small town saloon, complete with bullet hole before they refinished it.
on the wall is some of my salvaged collectibles along with some new.

this slider replaces a large picture window and opens out onto a new covered deck.

this is my favorite addition. They took part of the dining room and made this walk in pantry. It helps with storage of big appliances and foodstuff and whatever.

This is one corner in the kitchen that shows off john's great aunties advertising boxes stacked and attached to the oven wall. they house their red and white enamel ware pots and pans. I also am collecting raggedy ann and andy's and baby sock monkeys for the girls to play with with they are at Oma's. This is their favorite spot to play.

this shows the counter space and some of my sign emphemera. a few were salvaged from the fire a lot were lost.

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happybunny said...

I love your kitchen - so much to look at and so full of character.